What's Online: June 2009

Last year, through the popular microlending website Kiva.org, we provided loans to several entrepreneurs, including the owner of a small electronics store in Tajikistan, a group of women in Uganda, and Phun Them, who is a silk weaver in Cambodia and also one of the subjects of a new documentary series on microlending. Watch a clip from the series, featuring interviews with Them and with senior editor Rod Kurtz, on Inc.com.

At a time when many sectors are faltering, a select few industries are enjoying robust growth. (Among them: candy.) Which other products remain popular in the face of weaker consumer confidence? Which types of services are booming thanks to the aging of the population? And which segment of the beleaguered construction industry is showing surprising strength? Inc.com has put together a list of growing industries and the promising business opportunities they represent.

Given that valuations are falling in many sectors, it is hard to know what your company is really worth. To help, Inc., in partnership with Business Valuation Resources of Portland, Oregon, presents its 2009 valuation guide, including an interactive calculator. Plug in your company's key numbers and learn where your valuation stands.

Introducing Our New Blogger: Nolan bushnell, founder of Atari

On layoffs: "I have come to believe that job security is one of the worst things a person can have, especially early in their career. Getting fired gives you a chance to reinvent yourself. All of a sudden you have the whole world in front of you and you can now leap to a career that you may love more."

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