May 2008


The Mission Driven Business
"I cannot condone your partnership with Coca-Cola'¦ I will no longer consume or purchase Honest Tea products."
--Julie, a customer reacting to Coke's investment in Honest Tea
"If Coke wanted to change our company into one like theirs, they wouldn't have invested in ours."
--Seth Goldman, Honest Tea CEO
For more on Honest Tea's deal with Coke, go here.


The Eco-Capitalist
Tom Szaky, CEO of TerraCycle, writes about how you can break with traditional business models and create a company that drives profit by doing the most environmentally and socially responsible thing.
On his company's evolution:
"Today, we are a consumer products company that sells more than 50 products -- including garbage cans made from crushed computers and handbags made from energy bar wrappers and juice pouches. All are available in major big-box retailers. If you average out the year, we are launching a national product every two weeks."


The Business of Bashing Bush
A virtual cottage industry, including companies making T-shirts, dog biscuits (above), and other products, has grown around poking fun at the least popular President in modern history. Now he's getting ready to leave office. So what will become of the companies that profit from the President? And will any of his would-be successors be as good for business?
Slideshow: A look at the wackiest anti-Bush products on the market and the companies that make them


PR 101
As part of our Inc. Experts series, Jennefer Witter, a veteran publicist and president of the Boreland Group, offers advice for fast-growing companies looking to deliver their messages.
Inc 5000
Is your company one of the nation's fastest-growing private businesses? is accepting applications for the 2008 Inc. 5000. Find out how to apply (and check out the 2007 list) at
Into the Wild
A slide show about the construction of Tranquilo Bay.