What's Online: May 2009

INC.TV: The Goods: Gear for Business Travel

If you are a die-hard road warrior, then check out the latest Web videos featuring Hannah Clark Steiman, editor of The Goods section of the magazine. This month, she takes a look at some slick laptop bags, as well as portable massage tools, ranging in price from $10 to $35, to help you get over a bad case of airplane-induced neck ache.

Special Section: A Field Guide to Entrepreneurial Innovation (coming soon)

How can you, as a business leader, sharpen your creativity? And how do companies like Zappos build creativity and ingenuity into the corporate culture? This month, Inc.com takes a look at entrepreneurial innovation: the people, companies, inventions, and ideas that are changing the way we do business.
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Best of the Blogs

One point we can all agree on is that jobs are the cornerstone to any sort of meaningful recovery. If that's the case, why not incentivize business to hire? Why not give a tax break to the people who can actually create a change? If I were to pay less in taxes, I would invest that into the business. It would go to hire more talented people. They'll produce more, create more, and generate more income." -- Clint Greenleaf, www.inc.com/by-the-book

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Greatest Leaders

Inc. at 30: Which entrepreneurs have had the greatest impact on American business? Go to www.inc.com/30years to vote for your favorites. We will publish the results in December.