November 2008

BEST OF THE BLOGS: The Eco-Capitalist

"Sure, the product might be made from Organic Cotton, but if it's shipped to China to be manufactured and then shipped back, then how eco-friendly could it really be? But how do you know? Many consumers, busy with jobs and families, have little choice but to take things at face value."
-- Tom Szaky, TerraCycle,

Q&A: A Notorious Dot-com Icon Returns

With his first business, F**, Phil Kaplan parodied the early dot-coms. Now he has his own dot-com, AdBrite, and it's one of the fastest-growing private companies in America.
On his first venture: "I always used to tell everybody that F** had another two weeks left in it. Eventually, I moved on, and I hired someone to update the site. One day, I noticed the person hadn't updated it in, like, three months. I said, 'OK, this is probably a good time to shut it down.' "
Robb Mandelbaum trailed the presidential candidates for months. Once the votes have been tallied, he will weigh in once more: What does the new administration mean for entrepreneurs? How will taxes and health care be affected? And what will the new President do about the shaky economy?
Dear Mr. President In an open letter, entrepreneurs discuss what they want -- and don't want -- from the new President.

Inc. TV: Introducing...The Inc. Life

Whether you are looking for the latest gadgets or hottest getaways, for fine dining or fashion, Inc. TV's newest series has you covered. Host Amy Tara Koch, a veteran style and retail correspondent, is your ambassador to The Inc. Life. Her witty, fast-paced take on the latest "It" products will simplify the shopping experience and highlight the goods and services that are really worth your time and money.
Travel Tune in for reviews of the lightest rollaway suitcases.
Style Thinking about indulging in a custom-made suit? Koch will tell you where to go and what to ask.

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