October 2008

Introducing... Inc.com's 30 Under 30

As you'll see on page 97, youth is not wasted on the young. This month, Inc.com also celebrates entrepreneurs who are just barely old enough to vote. Find out who made our third annual 30 Under 30 list, and explore the issues facing young business owners.
Profiles: Meet this year's honorees.
Tips: Essential advice from young entrepreneurs
Slide Shows: Cool products, the hottest industries for start-ups, a Hall of Fame, and more
At age 12, after the Iranian revolution, Shahin Azizi used his entrepreneurial skills to support his family. Now, he's founder and CEO of office supply company Toners Plus.
On his childhood: "I stood up when I was 12 years old and did everything for my family, and I've been through starvation's den, and you don't want your own kids to go through that." -- Shahin Azizi
Which candidate is best for small businesses? Check out our complete guide to the issues that matter to business owners, and join the discussion with company founders, including Norm Brodsky.
On one-party rule: "I'm not anti-Democrat, but when one party takes over both houses, things can get out of whack. Now, it looks as though the Democrats may have both houses and the presidency. That's always scary to me but more so when the Democrats do it." -- Norm Brodsky

Best of the Blogs: Start-Up Blog

"Two years ago, only three people saw the annual budget of Next Step Publishing: our CFO, our accountant, and me. Last year, I opened the budget up to the whole management team. Then I started thinking: Why not open the budget to the whole company?" -- David Mammano

America's Most Admired Entrepreneurs

Do you know a business owner who makes a big difference for his or her employees, customers, and community? Send your nominations to mostadmired@inc.com.

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