Main Street

How a Young CEO Turned His Family's Failing, Third-Generation Business Into the No. 2 Egg Brand in America

“I was a political science major and minored in economics, just perfectly well-equipped to be an egg farmer," says Jesse Laflamme, CEO of Pete and Gerry's Organic Eggs.

When This Successful Founder Ranked His Priorities, He Put His Business Last. Here's Why

Eric Jackson organized his entire life so he could spend his time sitting in a kayak instead of an office. It's an arrangement that ultimately enabled him build a multimillion-dollar company.

Why the Southern California Wildfires Came at the Worst Time for Small Businesses

Widespread fires forced many Main Street business owners to evacuate or close their stores, just as shops geared up for the last three weeks of holiday sales.

Why 'Shopping Experiences' Might Lure Customers Away From Big-Box Stores (and Into Yours)

A small retailer has a greater chance of creating an emotional bond with its customers than a big chain competitor.