In the beginning of her career, Mariana Hernandez was a Pricewaterhouse Coopers consultant and her travel schedule meant that she was constantly on-the-go. The idea of shopping during her 72 hours at home, let alone for essentials, was unbearable - particularly when it meant going to stores like Victoria's Secret. As a young professional looking to elevate her drawer of basic underwear, Hernandez felt like she could no longer relate to a brand like Victoria's Secret. It no longer spoke to her or represented her view of the modern, millennial woman. Instead, she turned to Hanky Panky, Cosabella and the like, but found herself always searching for Gilt deals or samples sales to avoid the high price tags.

Frustrated by the time it took to find underwear she liked at a reasonable price, Hernandez saw an industry prime for disruption. Over countless underwear discussions with husband and business partner Cristian, they decided to create a line of high-quality, affordable, stylish underwear essentials for today's modern women. White Rabbit was born.

With no prior experience in retail or lingerie manufacturing, it took the couple two years to develop White Rabbit's first product line. Hernandez focused relentlessly on finding the best materials to create the most comfortable, functional intimates. She settled on a luxuriously soft, breathable and sustainable bamboo rayon and a US-made stretch lace (boasting 25% more stretch than others in the market), for their first collection. In 2016, White Rabbit did a soft launch with a small line of 3 essential bottoms: a stretch lace thong, a bamboo thong and a bamboo cheekini. While focused on comfort first, White Rabbit designs offer a touch of something beautiful resulting in comfortable underpinnings that an modern woman would be happy to wear - and proud be seen in.

To introduce consumers to the brand, White Rabbit had to think differently because women want to touch and feel the product prior to buying. They could not replicate that experience in an eRetail setting, so White Rabbit introduced their "Comfort Trial" program. Here's how it works: customers must purchase 2 or more underwear pairs to receive free shipping and are able to try one pair for 30 days: wear it, wash it, and really put it to the test. If customers were not satisfied with the underwear, they sent an email to the brand. A return label for unopened pairs, as well as a full refund, would be provided - no questions asked.

"The Comfort Trial program has been incredibly successful in giving our customers the confidence to try our products in a risk-free way. It has also been a great avenue to collect customer feedback and inform future product development" said Hernandez. What's more, the return rate has been much lower than initially anticipated by the team.

Having validated the need in the market for affordable, elevated underwear essentials, White Rabbit is now introducing their first complete line of bras and underwear. Moving into bras is a big undertaking for White Rabbit, but Hernandez notes that the new collection has already resonated well with customers after almost selling-out their pre-order capacity.

"We are very excited about continuing to empower women, both by creating comfortable underwear for today's modern women, and through our partnership with Fabrica Social" said Hernandez. White Rabbit donates a percentage of their revenue to the Mexico City-based social enterprise, which invests education and training for female artisans in rural communities. The new collection officially goes live today.