Got a craving for Boston market while traveling through Philadelphia

Sorry these birds are local. 

It's Philly Market now. 

The build up to the rematch of Super Bowl XXXIX has energized more than underdogs fans, it's seeped into local business owners. 

As the Philadelphia Eagles prepare to take on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Feb. 4, 2018, a few locations of the fast casual restaurant chain are getting behind their beloved, hometown team by temporarily rebranding themselves. In anticipation for the big matchup the "Boston" part of their signage is covered to now read "Philly" and "Go Birds." 

This temporary switch was much more than a knee-jerk reaction to gain local fans, it was approved by corporate.

"We at Boston Market fully support the passion, enthusiasm, and hometown pride demonstrated by our team members in Philadelphia." A spokesperson told newsite BillyPenn

For those of you who are keeping score on the effectiveness of the local business strategy...Philly fans are loving it!

"We've been busy non-stop," said Alfred Vasquez, a Boston Market employee told Philadelphia ABC station WPVI. "I think it is because of the sign. I think it's the Eagles. People are proud, fans are proud, the city is proud. It's a good thing."

If you ask any business owner, which is more important, branding or customers, indisputably customers will prevail.  An obvious contention for Philly business owners as Boston Market isn't alone in their rebranding strategy.  On Jan. 25, the Museum of the American Revolution temporarily renamed its Patriots Gallery the Eagles Gallery.

I guess it's true what they say...birds of a feather...

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