Since Rob Manfred took office last year as the 10th commissioner of Major League Baseball, his focus has been clear: The sport must address its waning connection to our youth or risk losing a generation of fans.

Manfred has already implemented changes to the rules of the game itself to quicken the pace of play.  Investments in technology have also been made at the league and franchise level - virtual reality, in-game wearable tech (the Motus Baseball Sleeve measuring stress on elbows and the Zephyr Bioharness monitoring heart and breathing rates) and the recent announcement of Blast Motion as the official "bat sensor technology" analyzing swings. 

However, at the player level, it's all about social media.

A recent report from MVPIndex ranked the top 10 Major League Baseball players on social media, who are doing their part to engage the masses.  Here are the All-Stars...


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