Over the years, I have come to realize that the people I regarded as the best in their field were not just ones with an incredible amount of skill sets and work ethic. They had those attributes too of course, but there was something else that set them apart from all of the people I had worked for earlier on in my career and those people who now work for me.

Their attitude was infectious, no question was too small or too dumb for them to answer and they always faced adversity head on, with unwavering positivity. To put it plainly, they were inspiring. They were leaders who not only got the job done, they did it with instilling the same passion in all of their team members to consistently do the same.

Great leaders know that there are no universal traits you must possess in order to inspire others. Because everybody is different, a key way to better your leadership style in 2019 is to focus on your own strengths. Instead of thinking about improvement as possessing certain attributes, think about the ones you already do have and how those fit into the context of the work that you do.

Having effective leadership styles within your company, means that your organization will be far more productive and will therefore produce amazing results. When employees are inspired and not just bossed around, they are more inclined to adopt those same practices themselves with colleagues and more junior staff. Let's call it a passing of the torch, if you will. Below are five ways to become an inspiring leader in 2019.

1. Always have a positive outlook.

Have you ever heard the saying misery loves company? This statement still rings true in the workplace. When faced with issues or what feels like the end of the world (I know, it happens), instead of being negative and accepting failure, be optimistic and positive. The moment a boss remains calm and positive when faced with adversity, is the moment where that attitude becomes infectious. Watch and see how fast the morale of your team will be uplifted and how they will be more inclined and motivated to get the job done.

2. Show gratitude towards your team. 

There is nothing that makes a team less motivated than when their efforts consistently go unnoticed. Showing gratitude and giving praise when it is earned show people that they matter to your company and that you recognize all of their hard work. Not only will people want to consistently give you their best efforts, it will minimize turnover and negative employee reviews.   

3. Communicate, communicate, communicate. 

Inspiring leaders know that no project is ever too small that it doesn't warrant effective communication. While some bosses adopt the attitude that employees should be self-reliant and should self-teach, if what you want done hasn't been understood or communicated, progress will be halted and frustrations will arise. Take the time to meet with or check in with your team to ensure the lines of communication are open and that they understand exactly what is required of them.

4. Be humble, no matter your position or accolades. 

Is there anything worse than a leader who is so cocky that they don't have time for anyone or anything? In the workplace, no. Regardless of your achievements, always remember where you started and never lose sight of your humility. What is deeply inspiring about successful individuals in all professions is their ability to be humble, despite the heights they have reached.

5. Always have an approachable attitute.

This goes without saying, that your employees should always feel comfortable enough to knock on your door or ask you a question. If they're too afraid of you, they won't communicate or ask for help when it's absolutely necessary to do so.

As a general rule of thumb, when looking to inspire others, look inwards and ask yourself what would have inspired you earlier on in your career. Was it the daunting, looming boss who always screamed and yelled? Or, was it the person that was always kind, positive and approachable? Be the kind of person that you would want someone else to be for you and quickly see the amazing results that will mount.