The journey to get where you are hasn't been easy. From setting records to surviving recessions, you've been there from day one, becoming a leader that's respected and praised from shareholders and staff. But somewhere along the way, it all started to change. Now your leadership strategy is getting you nowhere, and you can no longer deny that nagging feeling that something's just not right.

Recognizing that you may not be the best person for the job anymore is incredibly difficult to admit, especially after investing blood, sweat, and tears into the company. But if that little voice in the back of your head is now shouting at you front and center, it's a likely scenario that others feel the same way. So if you're trying to decipher whether your ship has sailed, here are 5 signs that it may be time to step-down.

1. You Dread Going to Work

As the leader of an organization, passion for the role and the company is a non-negotiable. While we all have those moments we want to stay in bed a little longer or crave a weekend away, there has to be an underlining fire within that gives you purpose, motivation, and excitement to step into the office each day.

If that passion's starting to wane and you're drained on all fronts, than it won't take long until that trickles into every department and employee. Before it spreads like wildfire, you need to either decide on a strategy to reignite that flame, or come to terms that it's gone for good.

2. People are Quitting

There's only so long that you can blame those resignations on the 'job-hopping generation' or on oversights by the Hiring Manager. If your staff retention is on a steady decline, it's time to question your effectiveness as a leader. While there are a number of reasons why your employees handed in their two weeks, it typically comes down to whether they feel supported by their management team to grow and develop.

When was the last time you sat down with members of your staff and asked for critical feedback? If you're drawing a blank, it's probably a sign that your leadership style doesn't match the needs of your company's workforce.

3. You're Out of Ideas

Once upon a time, it felt like you couldn't go longer than an hour without coming up with a new idea, initiative, or campaign. Your mind was like a tap you couldn't turn off. The company was leading the trends rather than following them, as inspiration sprung from everywhere and everyone.

Now? Let's just say the well has run dry. You have no idea how to improve the company's culture, who you should be hiring to stay innovative, and what you need to do to increase profits. You find yourself resisting change in order to stay comfortable with what you know, and it's affecting every aspect of the company; frustrating employees, stalling innovation, and impeding growth.

4. You've Stopped Caring

You've stopped asking about your team's weekends on Monday morning and you haven't attended a company social event in months. And those work issues that used to keep you up at night? Well, let's just say you're sleeping soundly.

It's okay to admit that you've fallen out of love. Life's too short to stay in a relationship that you no longer care about. So before you start saying things you don't mean to and pick meaningless fights, make a departure before it turns ugly.

5. There's Someone Else

Leaders who have held their role for a long time often feel irreplaceable, and it's understandable why. No one knows as much as you, understands the company like you, or has connections like you...or do they? While stepping into your shoes would be no easy feat, if you've been experiencing at least two of the signs above, it's time to assess the needs of the company rather than your ego.

Part of your job is to recognize promising talent, so while it kills you to admit it, if you can already think of someone who would be much better at the gig, you're probably right.