A company's success relies heavily on the performance of the people who run it day in and day out. It's a reflection of leadership. In other words, it's all on you. That's why leading by example is so important.

As the person in charge, you have to be extra conscientious of bad habits. You're under the microscope. So when you take phone calls during meetings or are constantly overbooking yourself, you're setting the precedent that it's okay for your team to do the same.

We all want to be a productive leader that everybody respects and is inspired by. Unfortunately, these bad habits could be getting in your way. So to help get the most out of your workday and your staff, put these tips into action at the office.

1. Disconnect.

We have a tendency to feel like we have to be accessible 24 hours a day. With endless phone calls and emails flooding your inbox, going off the grid may not only seem irresponsible, but downright impossible.

However, the inability to enjoy some screen-free time is one of your greatest drains on productivity. Constantly being on your phone is disconnecting you from your team and causing a toxic work atmosphere. So it's time to start creating boundaries. Imagine how office relationships would change if you asked for something face-to-face, rather than in an email?

Here's an easy fix to help you balance your screen time while also being a productive leader: schedule an office-wide mandatory digital detox for one hour a week. Your staff may be shocked (or downright appalled), but it won't take long until you all start to appreciate the separation and head back to work rejuvenated.

2. Stick to a schedule.

Managing day-to-day tasks can be overwhelming, especially when you prioritize every new email that lands in your inbox. However, it is essential if you want to be productive and drive your assignments to the finish line. By scheduling out your day, you will be able to recognize where you are over or underestimating your capacity and adjust accordingly.  

Consider scheduling out your workflow to help dodge distractions and boost your productivity. Pencil in checking your email and voicemail 3 times per day to avoid sporadic behavior that infringes on your agenda. For example, 9am, 1pm and 5pm. And don't forget to schedule yourself 15 minute breaks!

Remember being unavailable is a culture killer. Don't let the hectic days jeopardize your communication with your team  -- instead, stay proactive. Take action and get yourself a daily planner to keep your priorities in check. The goal is to find the sweet spot where responsibilities are not overruling your life.

3. Stop leaving your mess behind.

You're busy. You  work long hours, and you simply don't have time to keep your desk clean or your computer desktop in order. This mentality is putting you in a constant state of procrastination and stalling everyone else on your team. By maintaining an organized oasis, you will more easily stay on task.

Having organization skills are vital to a leaders performance. Your tornado desk and chaotic computer are clouding your brain and hurting your reputation with your staff. That's why making a conscious effort to ditch these habits will help you control personal stress and havoc in your work environment.

To help make your workspace judgment-free and prepped for productivity, take 5-minutes at the end of your day to tidy up. Remove any garbage, old containers, unwanted papers, and organize your desktop files into the corresponding folder while deleting the ones you don't need.