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00:10 Marc Ecko: The system perpetuates this notion that success could be captured in finite numbers. As a measure or a metric from quarter to quarter to kind of establish KPIs, that's great. But the true greats play for this line or this tangent that exists beyond the numbers. And I think like any muscle, it takes working it out. So, to say that, "Oh, I can't think that way. I'm not a creator. I'm not an artist. I'm a numbers cruncher" is like saying, "My biceps are weak and I can't do pull ups." Well, have you tried to do a curl? It takes exercising and being tuned in and present and trying to solve in a more ... Problems and tolerate the problem solving in a slightly messier environment that really captures the spirit, the culture, of your company. That's how you create a differentiator. Ultimately, you're packaging human, emotional people, creatures, to provide a service. That service will be better served and differentiated if it expresses the religion spirit of the people that are working on it.

01:26 Ecko: So, you gotta really ask yourself are you doing yourself a service or disservice by not paying attention to that stuff. 'Cause so many of those number crunching types like, "Oh, that's a nice to have. That's not a need to have. Oh, that's the warm and fuzzy part. We don't need to do that." And I would challenge that if you wanna be built for longevity, you need to do that.

Published on: Oct 21, 2013
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