Many sales strategies focus solely on what to say to prospects. However, the data shows that body language and tonality account for over 90% of how we are perceived by others. By paying close attention to the body language you use in front of prospects and customers, you can positively shape others' perceptions--and ultimately close more sales.

The key to effective body language in sales lies in your willingness to be a chameleon. Prospects are most comfortable around those who reminds them of themselves. Do whatever you can to match your prospects' body language, and you'll put them at ease from the start.

Master these three simple ways to close more sales without ever saying a word, and you'll start to dominate your competition in sales:

1. Match their handshakes.

Some prospects have a super strong handshake while others have a very weak grip. It might sound like a miniscule detail, but if you don't match up those handshakes, you're losing a major opportunity to connect with prospects. The wrong handshake can make a prospect feel uncomfortable before you even finish saying your name.

If a customer has a weak handshake and you grasp too firmly, that disconnect could put them on the immediate defensive. Conversely, if you meet a strong handshake with a weak, floppy one, you could be conveying a lack of confidence and professionalism to your prospect. Pay close attention to your prospect's handshake--then immediately adjust to match.

2. Mirror their body language.

Do you ever pay attention to how your customers stand or sit in front of you? If not, start watching exactly what they do. Do they stand tall and upright? Do they lean in? Do they have their legs crossed? Pay attention to these details, then make subtle tweaks to your own body language to match.

You don't want to be an exact mirror of your prospect, but you should try to generally match their position. Put this simple strategy to use, and you'll soon find that your prospects are more willing to open up to you.

3. Echo their tonality.

Tonality isn't about what you say, it's about how you say it. There are two key components to tonality: volume and pace. First, you want to match your prospects' volume. Whether your clients speak softly or greet you loudly, meet them at the same volume. This will put your prospects at ease and help them to feel like they have more in common with you.

Second, you want to match your prospects' pace. In other words, do your prospects speak quickly or slowly? Matching their talking speed is another simple way to make prospects more comfortable. If you're not sure of your typical tonality, try recording yourself on a sales call. Once you're aware of your own volume and pace, you'll be prepared to make small adjustments that will help you better connect with customers--and ultimately close way more sales.

Have you ever paid attention to a prospect's body language before? Which of these three "chameleon" techniques will you use to close more sales without saying a word? Share your plans in the comments below.