Do you want to close more sales? Of course you do! A salesperson who can't close sales won't stay a salesperson for long. Even if you think your sales approach is almost perfect, you'll never reach your full closing potential without a strong presentation.

Luckily, there are a few simple techniques that can help salespeople close any sale with a powerful presentation--no matter the industry.

Check out these quick tips for a fail-proof presentation that will help you close way more sales, so you can start to crush your sales goals:

1. Keep it short.

One of the many myths old-school sales trainers spread is that salespeople must show tons of enthusiasm about their product or service in order to close more sales. Unfortunately, for most salespeople, showing enthusiasm means rambling on in their presentations for far too long. When you drone on about your product or service in your presentation, you're not engaging prospects--or closing sales. Instead, keep your presentation as short as possible. Only focus on the items your prospect cares most about, and put everything else out of your mind.

2. Only present solutions.

If you're not sure what to cut from your presentation, look at it from your prospects' point of view. They only care about their deepest frustrations and how to solve them--so that's all you need to focus on in your presentation. Otherwise, you run the risk of overselling as you try to explain features and benefits that your prospect has no interest in. Dig into each prospect's challenges, and then only present solutions to those challenges.

3. Look for interruptions.

If you want to give a killer presentation that closes more sales, you have to understand what your prospect is truly thinking. Anytime a prospect interrupts you during your presentation is a valuable opportunity to do just that. If a prospect cuts into your presentation with a comment or question, don't push ahead just to finish your train of thought. Welcome these interruptions. Seek them out. You need to know what your prospects are thinking far more than they need to hear the end of your sentence.

4. Invite ongoing feedback.

Successful salespeople don't talk for more than 15 percent of any given selling situation. Instead of turning your presentation into a monologue, invite ongoing feedback. Ask little questions like, "Does that make sense?" or "Can you see where this would work for you?" This approach engages prospects, and their answers will help you know whether or not you're on the right track.

5. Be a storyteller.

Would you rather read a high school textbook or an engaging novel? You'd choose the novel, right? That's because stories capture our attention in a way lists of facts simply can't. We know this, yet most salespeople continue to present a list of features and benefits without telling a story. Avoid this mistake by using case studies to draw your prospect into your presentation. Share a story of a customer who has solved their challenges with your help, and your prospect will be far more likely to identify with--and purchase--your solution.

Which of these simple tips will you use to give a fail-proof presentation and close more sales? Share your plans in the comments below.