As a business owner, I'm fascinated with the psychology behind email marketing campaigns. Specifically, how to get people to open your emails!

Ever wonder what mistakes you may be making that keep your emails from getting a response? I constantly ask that myself and, thankfully, am getting better at it.

Here's what I found from the best people in the business of online marketing.

Why People Won't Open Your Email

According to HubSpot, the most common mistakes found in email subject lines come down to these:

1. The focus of the subject line is to broad and focuses on the wrong goal. Your goal should simply be about getting a response, not close a deal.

2. You're sending your emails at the wrong time. Recent data revealed that the worst days for open rates are Monday and Tuesday, and the best email send days are Saturday and Sunday.

3. Sending your emails with a generic address. To boost open rate, send your emails as a real person, not a business account or company name.

100 Headlines You Might Want To Use

I've gathered a list of some  of the best samples of successful email subject lines that actually work, according to various online marketing services like Hubspot, Unfunnel (a Hubspot Certified Partner Consultant), DigitalMarketer, and VerticalResponse.

Try these for your next email campaign:

  • [First Name], quick question for you. 
  • [Mutual connection] recommended I get in touch.
  • Ideas for [thing that's important to them]. 
  • Question about [recent trigger event]. 
  • Question about [a goal they have]. 
  • Thoughts about [title of their blog post]. 
  • Have you considered [thought / recommendation]?
  • My new book! (and a big mistake)
  • Imagine [desired result] And Loving Every Minute Of It
  • Here's a Quick Way to [solve a problem]
  • Never Suffer From [undesired result] Again
  • The Quickest & Easiest Way To [desired result]
  • If You Can [blank] You Can [desired result]
  • See How Easily You Can [desirable result]
  • Now You Can Have [something desirable] Without [something challenging]
  • How To Take The Headache Out Of [blank]
  • Give Me [short time period] and I'll Give You [desired result]
  • Don't buy [Product Name] until you read this
  • [Case Study] [Result of Case Study]
  • Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About [blank]
  • Take X minutes to get started with [blank]... you'll be happy you did!
  •  Who Else Wants [desired result]?
  • Call me crazy, but...
  • Frankly I'm a little surprised
  • 2016 will be a land grab (Get Yours)
  • Spooky discount 75% off Mastermind
  • Survey Results (sort of...)
  • WARNING Only 178 Tickets left...
  • Bad News
  • How [customer first name] Made Over $15,000 After Reading Our Book
  • Big News! We're Launching Our New Product In 3 Days

  • [Newspaper/Magazine/Media Outlet] Just Named Us Company Of The Year

  • [First name], Can You Help Us Connect With Your Friends in [city name]?

  • You're About to Miss Out
  • I'm Done Talking to You About This
  • If You Don't [blank] Now, You'll Hate Yourself Later
  • The Biggest Lie In [your industry]
  • [blank] May Be Dangerous To [something precious]
  • [blank] May Be Causing You To Lose Out On [desired result]
  •  Why you shouldn't [do what I desire them to do]
  • Do Not Try Another [blank] Until You [take desired action]
  • Seriously, get this book.
  • I'm pulling the plug...
  • The YouTube Gold Mine
  • Thank You!
  • Yikes!

  • Whoops...

  • How to Build an Unstoppable Business (2nd Edition)
  • The 3-step Content Marketing plan
  • [SWIPE] 10 Best Customer Survey Questions
  • This is embarrassing but...
  • ... this failed miserably
  • How to get paid [Literally]
  • Still doing it the old way?
  • How Emily Faith got 76,974 YouTube views in 10 days...
  • Don't buy this from Amazon!
  • My Gift to you...
  • The PERFECT traffic platform?
  • I'm closing it down!
  • Join me in congratulating...
  • This critique gets uncomfortable at times
  • Private Invite
  • Big Celebrity Announcement
  • Read this before clicking "Send"
  • Paid traffic not converting? Download this...
  • MAJOR announcement! (big changes at [your company])
  • I was wrong...
  • Use THIS to become an Authority (in ANY market)...
  • $100 or $100.00? (It makes a difference)
  • I LOVE this little tool!
  • My 2016 business plan...
  • [Case Study] Numbers don't lie
  • My new book! (and a big mistake)
  • Your [blank] Doesn't Want You To Read This [blank]
  • The Sooner You Know [blank] The Better
  • Why I [blank] (And Maybe You Should Too)
  • Join [impressive number] of Your Peers that [take desired action]
  • How [impressive number] Got [desired result] in [time period]
  • Why [impressive number] of People are [taking desired action]
  • OpenTable:  Licking your phone never tasted so good

Samples of comical subject lines sent from different companies:

  • Move Loot:  Seat Your Heart Out
  • Travelocity:  Need a day at the beach? Just scratch n' sniff your way to paradise...
  • Uber:  Since we can't all win the lottery...
  • Overstock:  Seriously. We'd like to thank you.
  • Grubhub:  Last Day To See What This Mystery Email Is All About
  • Refinery29:  10 bizarre money habits making Millennials richer
  • Groupon: Deals That Make Us Proud (Unlike Our Nephew, Steve)
  • Eater Boston: Where to Drink Beer Right Now (Sent at 6:45am on a Wednesday)
  • Fabletics: Your Butt Will Look Great in These Workout Pants
  • UrbanDaddy: You've Changed
  • Influitive: So I'll pick you up at 7?
  • BloomThat: Better than a pumpkin spice latte!
  • Gap: Mondays are suddenly AWESOME
  • The Bold Italic: Just P100ho You: Where to Eat SF's Best Pho
  • The Muse: We Like Being Used
  • Groupon: There are no deals in this email
  • Warby Parker: Pairs nicely with spreadsheets
  • Sublime Stitching: Bummed you missed out? Console yourself...
  • Baby Bump: Yes, I'm Pregnant. You Can Stop Staring At My Belly Now.
  • Benefit Cosmetics: Do you like to watch?

Now it's your turn. What would you add to this list?