This week I was overwhelmed by my own inability to juggle and balance priorities of life--including the challenges of writing this very column on a weekly basis!

After taking a mental inventory of the root causes of my irritation, I realized that I haven't taken a dose of my own medicine. I preach to my clients who find difficulty balancing their lives to, plainly put, SIMPLIFY! And now I find myself doing just that.

First, what simplifying is and is not.

But first, lets clarify. Simplifying is not necessarily about getting rid of everything we've worked so hard for.

It's about making wise choices among the things we now have to choose from.

It's about recognizing that trying to have it all has gotten in the way of enjoying the things which do add to our happiness and well-being.

So it's about deciding what's important to us, and gracefully letting go of the things that aren't.

Simplifying won't solve all the problems of our lives. But it's a good beginning. Here's where you can get started:

15 Practical Things You Can Do to Simplify Your Life

  1. Get rid of the accumulation of possessions that are no longer adding anything to your lives and are taking up a lot of space.
  2. Change jobs so you're not commuting to work four hours a day.
  3. Move to a smaller home (or a Tiny House).
  4. Change your spending habit. Translation: Live within your means.
  5. Turn off your smart phone after getting home, or an hour before bedtime to eliminate distractions.
  6. Take your lunch break. Preferably outdoors at a park on a sunny day.
  7. Manage your e-mail: Read and reply to important ones "on the spot."
  8. Create your own home-exercise program and save the commute time, waiting for machines, and the membership cost.
  9. Stop working weekends. No. Matter. What. Make that a commitment to your family.
  10. Don't schedule any after work social hours.
  11. Take time to think. This means reflecting and being with your thoughts before making an important decision.
  12. Recognize that you're a pack rat. Recycle the piles of magazines (even the unread ones), newspapers, old books, and other clutter sitting around taking up space.
  13. Arrange with your boss to work 4 ten-hour days for the next month (or permanently) and use the fifth day each week to start simplifying.
  14. Stop procrastinating.
  15. Rethink your belief system that's cluttering your mind. Is "the truth" you are holding on to really truth or a lie that's holding you back?