What I know about successful people is this: They love to devour books to expand their minds. Bill Gates has stated that he reads about 50 books a year. Mark Zuckerberg? About 24 books a year.

But the undisputed king of reading remains Warren Buffett, who spends 80 percent of his day reading. Someone once asked Buffett the key to success. He pointed to a stack of books and explained: "Read 500 pages like this every day. That's how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest. All of you can do it, but I guarantee not many of you will do it."

Taking Buffet's advice, below is a list of the most compelling books that the world's top CEOs read in 2017. Sources for this list include Forbes, Mckinsey & Company, Gates Notes and Bloomberg.

Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft

The Best We Could Do, by Thi Bui (2017)

The Sympathizer, by Viet Thanh Nguyen (2015)

Energy and Civilization: A History, by Vaclav Smil (2017)

Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft

Leonardo da Vinci by Walter Isaacson (2017)

Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google

The Gene: An Intimate History by Siddhartha Mukherjee (2016)

Dan Schulman, President & CEO, PayPal

Doug McMillon, CEO, Wal-Mart Stores

The Content Trap by Bharat Anand (2016)

Karen Katz, President and CEO, Neiman Marcus Group

The Man Who Could Be King by John Miller (2017)

Drew Houston, CEO, Dropbox

The Distracted Mind: Ancient Brains in a High-Tech World by Adam Gazzaley and Larry D. Rosen (2016)

Jamie Dimon, CEO, JPMorgan Chase

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari (2015)

Brad Smith, CEO, Intuit

Thank You for Being Late by Thomas Friedman (2016)

Jeff Jones, former President Uber and EVP/CMO, Target

Shoe Dog, by Phil Knight (2016)

Tom Naratil, President, Wealth Management Americas / UBS Group

Andrew Liveris, CEO, the Dow Chemical Company

Lloyd Blankfein, CEO, Goldman Sachs

Grant by Grant Ron Chernow (2017)

Jes Staley, CEO, Barclays