Let me ask you: What are some examples of the best leaders you've ever worked for over the years? Think about it -- what made them special? Did he or she display these qualities?

  • She didn't get caught up in her positional power or take advantage of her title.
  • He allowed me the freedom to share in some of the decision-making.
  • She stretched my growth by exposing me to new skills and responsibilities.
  • She allowed me to have a seat at the table in important discussions.
  • He made time to personally mentor me to increase my learning.
  • He provided me with all the resources I needed to do my best work.
  • She recognized me for doing quality work.

If you're nodding your head yes, chances are highly in favor of that individual being a Servant-Leader -- arguably the highest form of leadership .

And if you're in a leadership capacity now, here's a moment of truth: Where do you fit in with those qualities above? Would you make someone else's "best leader" list?

I say this because leadership at its very best is about investing in people's development, and looking after their needs so they are equipped to succeed and deliver excellence.

Most people probably have reported to such a boss and they'll tell you it was a liberating and empowering experience.

As a starting point to shift your uninspiring leadership style to a more high-impact, serving model that puts people first, we need daily reminders to keep us on track to be the very best leader we can be.

Ask Yourself These

Here are three specific questions every leader should be asking daily to help elevate their leadership awareness.

1. Who did I influence today?

The highest measure of success for a leader is the impact you're making on others under your care. If you're not in the business of influencing others (in business or personal life), chances are you're probably not leading very well.

2. How will I be remembered by my peers and subordinates?

Think of the qualities of your best boss I asked you about at the beginning of this article. Now, as a boss yourself, how will you be remembered? Would anyone put you on their list of 'great leaders'?" In other words, would you make anyone's list?

3. What gifts am I giving to those I work with every day?

The best leaders are known to be selfless givers. They give of their time, they share their wisdom and knowledge, they pour into their people, and they place their followers' interests ahead of their own. They do all of this because they have a genuine, intrinsic, desire to see people succeed.

The bottom line is this: If you want to watch your own leadership growth and likability skyrocket, do the courageous act of placing others in the position to be their very best. When you do that, you are on your way to becoming an exceptional and respected leader.

Who's up for it?

Published on: Sep 27, 2017
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