Remember World Kindness Day last month? Probably not. I didn't know it was an official "thing" until I ran into Random Acts of Kindness Foundation (RAK), whose purpose is to celebrate kindness and the whole pay it forward mentality.

I gotta say, these folks got me hooked. But this is not some fad that's going away anytime soon. Remember the research on kindness I wrote about?

Plain and simple, when organizations create an environment of kindness lived out in corporate values daily, they will see a happier workplace and an improved bottom line. Kindness begets kindness and spreads like wildfire. Imagine the possibilities.

Getting back to RAK, they just put together a fun and nifty little activity for us to cope with the craziness that comes with the holiday season. They're calling it the 31 Day Kindness Challenge.

If you're up for it, all you need to do is complete 31 acts of kindness in December. A different act of kindness each day. Here's a visual explanation in 37 seconds.

RAK even makes it easier on us all with a downloadable and printable kindness calendar full of ideas. If some of these don't fly with you, replace it with your own act of kindness. How many of these can you and your colleagues do together at work?

Your 31 Day Kindness Challenge:

Dec 1: Tell someone why you love them.

Dec. 2: Write a letter and send by mail.

Dec. 3: Donate a toy to a local charity.

Dec. 4: Talk to someone new.

Dec. 5: Say something kind to someone.

Dec. 6: Mail a surprise package to someone you know.

Dec. 7: Make cards for nursing house residents.

Dec. 8: Leave a friendly note where someone will find it.

Dec. 9: Hold the door open for multiple people.

Dec. 10: Donate loose change.

Dec. 11: Leave a big tip.

Dec. 12: Bake extra cookies and take to your local fire or police station.

Dec. 13: Pay for the car behind you at a drive thru.

Dec. 14: Leave lottery tickets somewhere to be found.

Dec. 15: Offer to shovel a neighbor's driveway and sidewalk.

Dec. 16: Order dessert for another family (colleague, boss, etc.) while out dining.

Dec. 17: Leave scarves tied around trees for those in need.

Dec. 18: Donate a new stuffed animal to your local children's hospital.

Dec. 19: Take a friend out for coffee.

Dec. 20: Hide dollars around a dollar store with kind notes attached.

Dec. 21: Leave a positive note in your child or spouse's lunch box.

Dec. 22: Let someone have your parking space.

Dec. 23: Bake cookies for your neighbors.

Dec. 24: Pick up litter.

Dec. 25: Put positive sticky notes on bathroom mirrors.

Dec. 26: Send anonymous flowers to someone in your life.

Dec. 27: Text five of your friends (or coworkers) letting them know you're thinking of them.

Dec. 28: Smile at everyone you come across.

Dec 29: Run an errand or do a chore for someone.

Dec. 30: Leave a funny note or some cash in your favorite library book.

Dec. 31: Reflect and make a list of all the great things from 2016.

Published on: Dec 2, 2016
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