Over the last decade, public perception of remote work has shifted dramatically. What used to be viewed as a "nice-to-have" option that only a few companies offered is now an expectation in the workforce.

In a global survey of more than 6,600 workers from cloud-based communications and collaboration platform Fuze, 77 percent of workers said they now expect companies to offer the option to work outside of the office. Additionally, 95 percent of workers said work-life balance and flexibility are important factors when searching for a new job.

As remote work becomes more popular, tools such as video conferencing have become commonplace. But despite its increasing popularity, there remains a steep learning curve when it comes to the proper use of video conferencing solutions.

The 4 personalities that show up in video conferencing

If you have ever used video conferencing, then you're likely familiar with these four disruptive -- and sometimes comical -- personalities you might encounter on a call:

The Disruptor

Whether it's a series of dramatic eye-rolls or Netflix playing in the background, Disruptors seem to forget that they're on video. While more teams may be comfortable using video nowadays, many workers forget that basic rules of etiquette still apply. When participating in a video call, be sure to treat the conversation just as you would an in-person meeting.

The Tech Novice

The Tech Novice doesn't know how to properly use the technology, often delaying meetings. If you're using video conferencing for the first time or starting a new position at a company that frequently uses the technology, take some time to learn the ropes beforehand; your colleagues will appreciate it and you might spare yourself embarrassment.

The Ghost

The Ghost is that one colleague who refuses to turn on their video when everyone else in the meeting is on camera. If your fellow colleagues are on video, then it's expected for you to turn yours on as well unless you have an acceptable excuse (e.g., you're on the road). Otherwise, you may surprise or even confuse your colleagues when you decide to chime into the conversation.

The Multitasker

The Multitasker is frequently disengaged from the meeting and spends his time scrolling through emails, social media, or other apps unaware of the fact that the other meeting attendees actually notice. Just because you are on video doesn't mean you should disregard common courtesy. Paying attention and staying on-task throughout the video call will ensure a more productive experience for all participants.

Now that video conferencing is more of a standard, it's important to understand the best practices to optimize the impact that it can have on productivity and connectivity and frankly, prevent you from standing out as a nuisance amongst your colleagues.