When you're a small business owner, you must use your time and energy wisely. This efficiency is the lifeblood of your business. In fact, your success depends on it.

You're pulled in many directions, and there's not much margin of error, so you need to combine your gut instincts and proven strategies to protect your enterprise over the long term.

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to win dozens of small battles each day. According to peak performance expert and serial entrepreneur Ed Mylett, you're a lot closer to achieving success and happiness than you may think. 

And you don't need to make massive changes or engage in radical shifts in your approach. In his new book, The Power of One More, Mylett makes a case for why you're only one more thought or action from leading the life you deserve.

Implementing "one more" strategies when it comes to your relationships, habits, the questions you ask yourself, your standards, and other areas can transform your life. The secret is to combine the right thoughts and actions and let those results compound over time to create the life you've always envisioned for yourself.

Mylett's book has dozens of 'One More' strategies you can implement in all areas of your life. Here's a sampling of things you can put into practice right now.

One More Emotion

You live in an emotional home that either serves you well or holds you back. Emotions are the primary driver of your personality and how you relate to others. When you understand how emotions work, you can frame and change emotions to work in your favor. 

Getting rid of an emotion that no longer serves you well lets you make room for one more new emotion that can positively impact your life.

One More Dream

Many people overlook the importance of dreaming. When we don't dream enough, we get caught in our past imperfections, creating fear that paralyzes our ability to move forward.

Dreaming moves us into our future, creates a more peaceful and blissful state, and leads to thoughts and actions that help us achieve breakthroughs to better lives.

"Your dreams are best fueled by new ideas and thoughts from unlikely sources," Mylett remarks. "Quality dreams come from priming your mental pump with a wide variety of things that are important to you. When energized by your imagination, your brain can link these seemingly unrelated thoughts to create phenomenal -- and actionable -- ideas."

One More as a Habit

More than half of what we do are habits. These thoughts and actions are embedded in our brains, and many of us go through our days without considering whether these habits serve us well or not. 

When we examine our existing habits and become intentional about creating new ones, we operate at a higher level, which is critical on days we aren't feeling motivated or inspired to perform at our peak state. 

"Habits can be both life-saving and divisive. Start by sorting out your existing habits. Keep the habits that serve you and your goals, and discard those that do not. Then measure progress of your goals and consciously adjust your habits so they are more effective tools that serve you the best possible way."

One More Inconvenience

Convenience and greatness cannot co-exist. Mylett says if you ever want to achieve meaningful growth in your life, you must embrace inconvenience because that's where growth takes place. It's not easy, but unless you do, you'll get the same outcome you've always had when you lead a convenient life. 

The other thing is that convenience never lasts. Mylett says you must push forward with the right kind of inconvenient growth if you ever want to achieve anything worthy. Eventually, if you're not growing, life all around you will change, and your relationships, finances, and everything else that matters will leave you behind.

Mylett has applied these effective, battle-tested "One More" strategies for more than 30 years. And they apply to everyone, whether a CEO, small business owner, athlete, student or anyone looking to improve their lives. Quite possibly, you could be only one more meeting, relationship, decision, action, or thought from leading the life you deserve.