Look around and you'll notice that the most likable people in the workplace possess traits that are appealing to others. The most appealing, non-negotiable, and transcending trait of all?

By far, I think you'll agree: It's honesty.

I don't speak of the kind of blunt honesty that disapproves of someone's 1980s fashion choice. No, I'm talking about elevating your honesty to radical transparency and emotional honesty--uncharted terrain for so many people at work who choose the cowardly act of passive-aggressive behavior or stonewalling their peers.

Elevating honesty to this degree is a feature of the most likable people -- bosses and colleagues alike. It's a superhuman skill that, when mastered, works wonders in squashing ambiguity, setting boundaries, and diffusing conflict.

It works wonders for ending a relationship, firing an employee, or handling a tough professional issue when the rubber meets the road.

5 Features You Will See in the Most Honest Co-Workers

Showing up with honesty has everything to do with commanding respect and admiration as a trusted colleague or boss. But the shift only occurs when you consciously choose to be your most authentic self.

You will see the work environment dramatically change in a powerful and positive direction when peers and colleagues operate this way. What sets them apart? Five things, to be exact:

1. They get respect.

When you're true to yourself, you not only trust the judgments and decisions that you make, but others trust you as well. They'll respect you for standing by your values and beliefs.

2. They live and work in integrity.

When you're honest, you don't hesitate to do the right thing. You never have to second-guess yourself. Who you are, what you do, and what you believe in--all of these align perfectly. They're also not doormats. When the rubber meets the road, their integrity will call you on the carpet for a wrongdoing or injustice.

3. They cut through conflict quick.

When you're honest with yourself and others, you have the strength, confidence, and openness to deal with problems quickly before they become bigger problems; you avoid procrastinating and cut through conflict in a healthy way, rather than avoiding confrontation and sweeping things under the rug.

4. They always do the right thing.

Your most remarkably honest co-workers are true to their character regardless of the outside pressures or temptations to act otherwise. They take control of life with confidence and are willing to accept the consequences of being true to what they consider to be right; they don't cave in to other people's opinions or demands that may alter their course; and they move forward by soliciting feedback from trusted sources and staying true to their path.

5. They don't pretend to be someone they're not.

Your most likable colleagues are people that don't play mental games or manipulate. They speak their mind and don't rely on cryptic hints or other passive-aggressive tactics to get their point across. The bottom line: They're not fake and they don't wear masks. There's a huge upside to being this person or working with someone like this: When you say what you mean, and stay true to yourself and others, you minimize the impact of stress on yourself and others.