Do you have anxious thoughts, fears, and worries that invade your space daily?

Anxiety is often the result of fears that you may have about uncertain situations, places, and even people in your life (like your boss!). Even worse, you may be working in a fear-motivated pressure cooker.

Most of the time, these fears are based on things that haven't happened yet. Maybe you worry about that job interview or whether a new business partnership will do well.

If you've had it with anxiety beating up on you, there is good news: You can achieve peace, eliminate anxious thoughts and fears, and successfully overcome anxiety.

Here are 5 daily tips you can use to overcome anxiety starting now:

Trust that you have what you need to overcome anything.

This is especially true when it comes to overcoming anxiety that's based on unrealistic fears and worries.

Remember to believe that you have everything you need -- family, friends, trusted peers and co-workers, and community to support you and listen intently without judging you (you know who they are, choose wisely).

Not to mention, you have what it takes because of your natural human instinct to face tough challenges and stare fear in the eye; and you have the resilience to put the past-in-the-past and start with a clean slate.

Find a way to release your emotions.

This is important to overcoming anxiety. Think about writing down your fears and worries in a journal, the process what you wrote. Or talk to someone you trust to process your emotions (refer to item No.1).

Now that you have some clarity, put an action plan together about next steps to take to get a handle on these emotions.

And whatever you do, do not fall for victim mentality. That's your one-way ticket down the spiral of self-lies.

Remember that some things are beyond your control.

This is especially applicable if you're the controlling type. Many times, your worries are a direct result of the fact that you're not in control of the people, things, and situations in your life.

The things that are in your control, you can manage just fine. So do yourself and the people closest to you a favor: Take it easy, do one thing at a time, and then refocus again on what's immediately in front of you. This will help to ease some of that anxiety.

Rely on your faith.

Now that you have an understanding that you can't and shouldn't control everything, release your worries to whatever you call your "higher power." You can use journaling, meditation and mindfulness to give you peace, relief, and a sense of freedom.

Pursue activities that bring you peace.

Whether by yourself or in a group, get involved in an activity that's enjoyable; something that will bring back that bounce in your step.

What is that hobby you loved doing but haven't done in years? What book did you order that is still on the shelf collecting dust? What about exercise -- just 15 minutes per day can lead to a more positive brain, according to science.

These are all effective ways to overcome and alleviate anxiety. While you may resort to the little bottle with the happy pills prescribed by your physician, try relieving your anxiety by simply engaging yourself in the things that bring you peace, energy, and happiness. Give it shot.