Psychologist Dr. Jeremy Dean, founder and author of the popular website PsyBlog, caught my attention recently with an article about some really odd signs that suggest your IQ may be above average.

I went around the internet looking for additional information to back up some of these strange but fascinating findings about the brightest people.

As science will attest, here are five signs you may be much, much smarter than the average bear.

1. You have bipolar disorder.

Only 2.5 percent of the population suffers from this mental illness. Yet research points to bipolar as being linked to higher childhood IQ. In fact, Vincent Van Gogh, Buzz Aldrin, Emily Dickinson, and Ernest Hemingway grew up suffering from it.

If you have kids and are wondering: the correlation between A grades and bipolar disorder are strongest among students excelling in music and language.

2. You're a worrywart.

Look at the bright side--your anxiety may be a sign of high intelligence.

As reported on Slate, psychologists surveyed more than 100 students in Ontario, Canada, and asked them to report their levels of worry. They found that students with more angst--those who agreed with survey statements like "I am always worrying about something"--scored higher on a verbal intelligence test.

3. You tend to drink alcohol more often than average.

Even Ernest Hemingway claimed to "write drunk, edit sober." This has driven scientists to study the question: Are smarter people heavier drinkers?

This Mental Floss article highlighted several studies, concluding:

  • Smarter children become heavier drinkers.
  • The more verbal the kids are at 12, the more likely they are to be drinking at 16.
  • Among college graduates, 68.4 percent report drinking versus only 35.2 percent of those who did not graduate high school.
  • College educated women in a UK study drank 86 percent more than less-educated women in the same age group.

4. You also do drugs.

As reported in The Atlantic, a 40-year study by a team of British scientists learned that people with higher IQs are much more prone to drug use.

The smart kids weren't just smoking pot, but preferred cocaine and ecstasy. Research author James White guessed, "The likely mechanism is openness to experience and, I think, it's also this idea of having an educated view of risk, as well."

5. You're a loner.

In the PsyBlog article, Dean says, "the more that intelligent people socialize with their friends, the less satisfied they are with life."

A report in U.K.'s Daily Mail supports Dean's assertion. Evolutionary psychologists have found that among extremely intelligent adults from 18 to 28, more frequent social interaction and seeing friends too often was a negative and actually linked with reduced life satisfaction.