A few years ago, author Meera Lester wrote a little non-scientific self-help gem called 365 Ways to Live Happy.

Reducing her list down to 60 techniques for a happier life was no small task, as so many are applicable in producing a well-balanced and productive life.

Without further ado, I have chosen the most useful picks for the busy entrepreneur. Don't just read it. Let it sink in, use it, apply it, be transformed, and pay it forward.

Techniques so you can be happy with yourself.

  1. Change one of your faults.
  2. Don't harbor a grudge.
  3. Write three things you love about yourself.
  4. Quiet your mind before starting your day (think meditation or mindfulness).
  5. Release the past and appreciate the present.

Techniques to help you seek meaning and purpose to have a happy life.

  1. Practice a random act of kindness every day.
  2. Make a ten-point list of what's really important to you.
  3. Create a new tradition with your family.
  4. Write a mission statement for your life. (click here for the steps)
  5. Call your favorite charity and offer to help.

Techniques to attract and build happy [romantic] relationships.

  1. Think of three topics to begin a conversation.
  2. Take your lover to the best B&B you can afford.
  3. Write "I love you" on a note and tuck it under your partner's pillow.
  4. Serve your spouse or partner a candlelight supper in bed.
  5. Be the kind of friend you want to attract.

Techniques to build a strong and happy family.

  1. Learn how to be a better parent.
  2. Lavishly praise behavior you want repeated.
  3. Schedule a family meeting each week to air grievances.
  4. Create a multigenerational scrapbook detailing your family history.
  5. Ask each child to make up a new game for the family to play.

Techniques to take the healthy path to happiness.

  1. Plant a vegetable garden and eat the produce.
  2. Avoid exposure to toxic chemicals.
  3. Give up smoking.
  4. Do physical exercises in the park on sunny days on weekends.
  5. Go on vacation every year.

Techniques to put your career path on a happy track.

  1. Ask a favorite boss or someone you admire to mentor you.
  2. Think of two reasons you haven't moved forward in your job.
  3. Create a chart to outline the steps of your career.
  4. Brainstorm three ways to be happier at work. Then follow-through.
  5. Safeguard your professional relationships.

Techniques to be happy on the road.

  1. Taste at least one new food or beverage.
  2. Help a traveler in distress.
  3. Buy a bus ticket for a quick local tour.
  4. Invite a fellow traveler for dinner at a local café.
  5. Generously tip hotel, motel, and B&B housekeepers.

Techniques to promote happiness in the workplace.

  1. Show up on time and prepared for meetings.
  2. Speak the truth for a whole day--no fibs allowed.
  3. Single out one coworker each week for praise.
  4. Think of three tasks someone else could do and delegate them.
  5. Schedule moments of relaxation during the workday.
  6. Ask your boss for a special assignment.
  7. Choose a date to ask for a promotion.

Techniques to lead others to happiness.

  1. Keep your promises to others.
  2. Refuse to engage in malicious gossip.
  3. Inspire a negative person to think positively.
  4. Ask someone to tell you her purpose in life.
  5. Tell a story to inspire someone who is feeling down.

Techniques to stay happy when dealing with adversaries.

  1. Ask competitors or adversaries to name their issues (don't assume).
  2. Ensure that you understand your adversary's position.
  3. Find common ground on one or more points.
  4. Ask for three specific ideas to resolve the conflict.
  5. Walk away if that's your only option.

Techniques to discover ways to spread happiness in the world.

  1. Think of three things you can do to make the world a better place.
  2. Sing, teach a class, or give a talk at a senior citizen center.
  3. Create a happiness blog on your website.
  4. Volunteer cook at a children's summer camp.
  5. Fight for international justice.
  6. Ask five colleagues to help you sponsor a single mom's education.
  7. List three things you can do to help a homeless veteran.
  8. Spread happiness through e-mail.