So many of us have untapped skills and abilities that we have yet to discover and take advantage of in business and personal relationships. For me, this one human "superpower" has saved me many times when placed in a bad spot.

It's one of the strengths of an emotionally-intelligent person: intuition.

I'm speaking of that "inner voice" -- that gut feeling from deep down inside -- that clues us in to thoughts and feelings under the layers of logic and rationale.

In emotionally-intelligent people, intuition kicks into high gear as an internal compass to keep them moving in the right direction (or not moving when they should stay put).

But here's the catch: Intuition without character is merely lipstick on a pig. I can't tell you how many impulsive choices I made in my twenties that led to massive fails, my first marriage being one of them. I had intuition; I just didn't have the integrity to know what to do with it.

Now, as founder of a startup, the marriage of intuition and integrity is the dynamic duo that bails me out of difficult business decisions.

Ten ways you will recognize your intuition so that you make the right choices.

Not sure of whether your intuition is speaking to you? You can expect it to be advising you of potential danger and ill-advised decisions ten different ways. But the key is this: you have to be in integrity with yourself enough to listen, trust, and act!

Your intuition will tell you in a way you can't ignore...

  1. This doesn't feel quite right.
  2. I really don't feel comfortable doing this or agreeing to this.
  3. This is not what I really want.
  4. I don't like what I am agreeing to, or part of me doesn't.
  5. This violates an important value or belief.
  6. I am going to resent this later.
  7. I resent this now.
  8. I am tempted to do it, but deep down know I shouldn't.
  9. I wish this were not happening.
  10. This feels the same as the last time.