Earlier this year, FlexJobs released their annual list of the 100 top companies to watch for remote (work from home) jobs in the months ahead. FlexJobs analyzed the job posting data in their database from over 47,000 "remote friendly" companies, and narrowed their list down to the companies that posted the most remote jobs the previous year.

"Remote-friendly," in this case, means jobs that offer some level of telecommuting, whether 100 percent, mostly, some, or optional telecommuting. Many of the high-tech companies that I am highlighting below also made FlexJob's list of the top companies with remote jobs in 2014, 2015, and 2016.

10 Top High Tech Firms Offering Work-from-Home (WFH) Jobs Now

If working from home is your best option right now, start your job search with these high-tech firms from FlexJob's "100 Top Companies" list.

Company: Amazon

As of this writing, they list 247 virtual job openings on their website. But if you haven't heard (although I found no evidence of job postings), the company recently announced that they plan to hire 5,000 home-based workers over the next year to join their innovative Virtual Customer Service program.

Notable WFH Jobs at Amazon:

Company: GitHub

Over fourteen million people use GitHub to write better and faster code and build amazing things together. While GitHub wasn't on FlexJob's list, they are worthy of my own Top 10 List. GitHub has been rated 5 stars on Glassdoor from current WFH employees. One of them says, "I have worked at home for years, and GitHub has been the best company to work for. They help pay for a home office setup, and provide reimbursements for cell phones and co-working space if I so choose. They give us new laptops every 2 years without fail. And anything I need, they are immediately on top of, without question."

Notable WFH Jobs at GitHub:

Company: Salesforce

Salesforce, the Customer Success Platform and world's #1 CRM, currently lists 67 remote jobs with heavy focus on IT skills. They're a booming company full of great opportunities, and is one of Fortune's "100 Best Companies to Work For" seven years running.

Notable WFH Jobs Previously Posted on FlexJobs (login required to view current listings):

  • Deliverability Consultant

  • Lead Front-End Focused Web Developer

  • Business Architect

  • Marketing Cloud Solutions Architect

Company: Appen

Appen is a global leader in speech and search technology services. With expertise in more than 150 languages, Appen partners with leading technology and ecommerce companies as they develop new offerings and expand them to global markets. Are you bilingual? Your chances are even higher finding a WFH job here.

Notable WFH Jobs at Appen:

Company: LiveOps

LiveOps has grown into the largest marketplace for call center workers connecting more than 20,000 independent call center agents with companies around the world and processing over 100 million customer service interactions. Apply for WFH jobs here.

Notable WFH Jobs at LiveOps:

  • Call Center Associate - Roadside Assistance
  • Call Center Associate - Insurance Claims

  • Healthcare Resource Specialist II

Company: Xerox

Xerox's "Virtual Office Program" page claims they currently have "more than 8000 home-based employees" in WFH jobs like Customer Care, Tech Support, Data Entry, Quality Control, Admin Support among others. My own search for US-based jobs produced 68 results with a heavy emphasis on jobs requiring technical skills.

  • Client Associate
  • Client Manager
  • Client Solution Architect
  • Human Capital Management (HCM) Specialist-Lead

Company: TeleTech

TeleTech employs a team of more than 40,000 professionals including nearly 20,000 home-based telecommuting associates worldwide through its TeleTech@Home program. If customer service is your thing, this is your company.

Notable WFH Jobs Previously Posted on FlexJobs (login required to view current listings):

  • Customer Support

  • Customer Service Representative

  • Technical Customer Service Representative

Company: Adobe

Adobe was named by Forbes magazine as one of the "World's Most Innovative Companies," and is a strong supporter of flexible work. As of this writing, they list 50 US-based remote jobs.

Notable WFH Jobs at Adobe:

  • Software Quality Engineer
  • Analytics and Target Instructor
  • Sr. Enterprise Account Executive

Company: DataStax

According to FlexJobs, DataStax is an award-winning, privately held computer software company headquartered in Santa Clara, CA. They've been named one of the 11 hottest startups in the country by Inc. Magazine. DataStax maintains a distributed engineering team that works across the globe and, as of this writing, are currently hiring for 22 telecommuting opportunities.

Notable WFH Jobs at DataStax:

  • Product Marketing Contractor
  • Cloud Architect
  • Manager, Customer Access

Company: Lenovo

Lenovo employs nearly 60,000 professionals worldwide and has been named to the "World's Most Admired Companies" list for the second year in a row by Fortune magazine. Lenovo frequently hires for the departments of marketing, sales, corporate, technical, and Motorola mobility.

Notable WFH Jobs Previously Posted on FlexJobs (login required to view current listings):

  • Global Account Manager
  • Acquisition Workstation Specialist
  • Inside Sales Representative
  • DevOps Engineer