If you're in the market for a seasonal job during the holidays, you're in luck. For the first time, Amazon is hiring thousands of its own full-time seasonal drivers across the U.S. to deliver packages from their fulfillment centers directly to customer doors.

According to a report on Business Insider, "Amazon will manage these drivers directly, meaning the company will set their wages, provide them delivery vehicles, and schedule their routes. The drivers are seasonal but will have the option to apply to continue their employment with Amazon following the holiday season."

Amazon typically uses drivers from UPS, FedEx, United States Postal Services, and other third-party couriers to transport parcels to consumers, but actually hiring its own employees for the "last mile" of deliveries is a first.

We got a hint of things to come back in June when Amazon started seeking small businesses and entrepreneurs to deliver packages. Months later, the company ordered 20,000 vans from Mercedes-Benz as part of a last-mile initiative to accommodate the overwhelming response by entrepreneurs and small businesses to deliver packages.

Hourly wages vary by location

Amazon recently raised its minimum wage to $15 an hour for all employees, including part-time and seasonal workers. For drivers, Amazon will pay them in the range of $15.50 to $19 per hour, depending on the market, as reported by Reuters. The company will also provide vans to the drivers and drivers should expect to work four 10-hour shifts each week.

To inform my readers further, I took the liberty to scan several locations across the U.S. where Amazon is currently hiring for seasonal drivers, and have listed the market rate for each location. 

Gary, Indiana

Hourly rate: $15.50 (apply now)

Euclid, Ohio

Hourly rate: $15.50 (apply here)

Tampa, Florida

Hourly rate: $15.50 (apply now)

Sunrise, Florida

Hourly rate: $15.50 (apply here)

Romulus, Michigan

Hourly rate: $16.25 (apply now)

Elgin, Illinois

Hourly rate: $16.25 (apply now)

Nashville, Tennessee

Hourly rate: $16.25 (apply here)

Chino, California

Hourly rate: $16.25 (apply here)

El Monte, California

Hourly rate: $16.25 (apply here)

Riverside, California

Hourly rate: $16.25 (apply here)

Columbus, Ohio

Hourly rate: $17.25 (apply now)

Bellmawr, New Jersey

Hourly rate: $17.25 (apply here)

Bethpage, New York

Hourly wage: $18.25 (apply here)

Other positions listed for Seasonal Delivery Associate without hourly rates posted include Fresno, CA, San Diego, and New Castle, DE.

    Published on: Nov 7, 2018
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