By now, most of us know that Oprah Winfrey is not running for president in 2020. Perhaps the billionaire media executive, philanthropist, and former TV host doesn't want to disrupt what appears to be a very pleasant, well-balanced, and still very productive daily routine

BodyLogicMD, a network of bioidentical hormone replacement doctors, has pieced together an impressive, interactive chart mapping out Oprah's daily rituals as well those of other famous women, including Serena Williams, Lady Gaga, and Martha Stewart.

How does Oprah go about her day?

Morning routine

For Oprah, an emphasis on living well and prioritizing the good life at the start of the day means she is set up to get things done. And there is no better start to the day than the natural alarm clock of her canine companions.

She wakes with her dogs around 6 a.m., disciplines them to wait while she brushes her teeth (a natural way to set you up and make you alert), and then takes them for a walk to get the blood pumping and engage with nature and living things.

Oprah then takes care of body and mind by exercising and meditating. Breakfast comes after, around 8:30. It is interesting to note that although Oprah's schedule slides one way or another by a few minutes each day, when she describes it to various interviewers she tends to be specific about minutes: "Lately, I have been eating breakfast at 8:38," says Oprah. Her routine, then, isn't set in concrete, but she keeps a sharp eye on the clock.

Not everybody is suited to rising at 6, but Oprah has already lived an enviable morning before she starts work at 9 -- and none of it is out of reach to those who don't have her billions.

As breakfast finishes, she goes through her tasks for the day and then starts with calls, transactions, and other business affairs.

Lunch routine

Lunch is mindful similarly to Oprah's morning routine. "We have a rule," she told Harper's Bazaar: "If we cannot find it in our garden, then we cannot eat it." Not everybody has space or time to grow enough for a daily harvest, but Oprah's approach ensures that she's engaged with what she's eating (good for digestion and for the planet).

Afternoon routine

The afternoon is a time for meetings. Oprah checks in with her creatives and execs, and important figures in her media empire such as Gayle King, editor-at-large of O magazine. Then, more exercise if there's time (good for the body and mind -- especially as Oprah hits her mid-60s).

Oprah cooks to wind down, but just for her boyfriend, Stedman Graham, and up to two guests. If there are more guests, she has a chef. Protein, vegetables, and carbs ensure that she feels strong and energized enough to manage her expansive responsibilities each day.

Evening routine

In the evening, Oprah relaxes by reading. As for many of us, reading is a mix of business and pleasure for Oprah, but a roaring fire ensures that her body recognizes this is time to relax (warm light is also a good way to start preparing the brain for sleep.)

A 10 o'clock bedtime ensures Winfrey can maintain that demanding 6 a.m. start. Before her head hits the pillow, she writes five things for which she's grateful, an activity documented in positive psychology research to be the fastest way to significantly improve your optimism.

Billionaire or not, when you commit to a daily ritual that works for you and your budget, it's much easier to maintain an active, creative, and balanced business schedule, as Oprah does. By taking care of herself and respecting her environment, Oprah remains bright, engaged, and fit to manage her businesses to her full potential. And so can you.