People in management positions at every organizational level legitimately struggle to motivate and engage their employees to perform at a high level.

To truly motivate and engage workers, you have to understand human performance. The reality is this: human workers have to have an emotional commitment to their work, their organizations, and, of course, their bosses.

Emotions drive human behavior. And employees have to be emotionally excited about their work enough that it makes them want to jump out of bed in the morning.

Emotionally committed employees outperform workers merely going through the motions and putting in the minimum effort. Their performance comes from the heart--the type that goes the extra mile and exceeds all expectations.

Consequently, how leaders make people feel in their jobs will have the greatest impact on their performance.

A quick test to assess your leadership skills.

But It starts with good leadership. To test out whether you fit the bill of a leader who helps employees reach their highest potential, see if you can answer "yes" to the seven questions below.

1. Do you listen to everyone in the organization and figure out ways to get your employees talking and sharing ideas?

2. Do you recognize and leverage everyone's strengths to achieve your team's goals?

3. Do you communicate everything you can to your people, both bad news as well as good news and let them know why decisions are being made?

4. Do your employees truly understand how their work is helping to advance the bigger goals and vision?

5. As a leader, do you give your best workers a lot of freedom to make mistakes, and don't second-guess them?

6. Do you help others grow and learn new skills?

7. Do you truly know your employees' personal and professional needs?