In the book 365 Ways to Live Happy, I was intrigued by the author's resourcefulness in finding as many ways as possible to infuse more happiness, positivity, and balance into our daily lives. 

As I read the book looking for personal work applications, as well as tips for my own readers, I reduced the list down to what I feel are the most useful hacks for the busy entrepreneur or professional.

The key thing here is this: Don't just read them for entertainment or information; apply them, be transformed by them, and pay them forward to change someone's life.

My favorite hacks toward a life of happiness.

  1. Don't harbor a grudge.
  2. Write three things you love about yourself.
  3. Quiet your mind before starting your day (think meditation or mindfulness).
  4. Practice a random act of kindness every day.
  5. Make a 10-point list of what's really important to you.
  6. Write a mission statement for your life (try these steps to get started).
  7. Think of three topics to begin a conversation (ask these questions).
  8. Lavishly praise behavior you want repeated.
  9. Go on vacation every year.
  10. Ask a favorite boss or someone you admire to mentor you.
  11. Think of two reasons you haven't moved forward in your job.
  12. Create a chart to outline the steps of your career.
  13. Brainstorm three ways to be happier at work. Then follow through.
  14. Safeguard your professional relationships.
  15. Show up on time and prepared for meetings.
  16. Speak the truth for a whole day--no fibs allowed.
  17. Single out one co-worker each week for praise.
  18. Think of three tasks someone else could do and delegate them.
  19. Schedule moments of relaxation during the workday.
  20. Ask your boss for a special assignment.
  21. Choose a date to ask for a promotion.
  22. Keep your promises to others.
  23. Refuse to engage in malicious gossip.
  24. Inspire a negative person to think positively.
  25. Ask someone to tell you her purpose in life.
  26. Tell a story to inspire someone who is feeling down.
  27. Ask competitors or adversaries to name their issues (don't assume).
  28. Ensure that you understand your adversary's position.
  29. Find common ground on one or more points.
  30. Ask for three specific ideas to resolve the conflict.
  31. Walk away, if that's your only option.
  32. Think of three things you can do to make the world a better place.
  33. Spread happiness through e-mail.