Earlier this month, I reported on a FlexJobs study that showed how working remotely will save you money -- enough for that kitchen remodeling project or a couple of vacations to a white sandy beach in the Caribbean. 

How much? About $4,668 to $5,688 per year. For the average commuter, that includes around $686 saved per year in gas, and $767 saved per year in car maintenance. 

If that already sounds like a good reason to bail on your brick-and-mortar gig with the one-hour commute each way, there's more. In addition to saving money, you'll have more time to spend with family, and the flexibility to arrange your day according to your priorities.

But did you know that working a remote job has serious health benefits? This is truly the top reason to consider your transition. Without your health, work suffers, families suffer, and your overall quality of life suffers.

How working remotely can improve your mental health.

According to FlexJobs' research, here are some profound ways in which working in a flexible position could benefit your mental well-being and make you more productive.

Your stress levels go down.

Stress can weaken your immune system and cause depression, even heart attacks. And the stress that comes with racing to get to work on time (after dropping off the kids at school), being stuck in traffic, and dealing with road rage contributes to significant stress. Removing this daily assault to your mental well-being can help to lower your stress and give you the boost you need to get more work done.

You'll have more time for self-care.

Imagine all the time you'll have for yourself when you eliminate two or three hours a day (some places, like Atlanta and Los Angeles, even longer) commuting to and from work. What if now you could use that precious margin you've just created to focus on self-care activities like meditating, relaxing, going to yoga, journaling, swimming, jogging, or any healthy endeavor that can promote your mental and physical well-being? What would that do to your productivity? Your quality of life?

You'll have more time to actually work!

FlexJobs put it best: "Striking work-life balance by working from home can also allow you to concentrate more readily on your work, without having to concern yourself with in-office stressors such as your work wardrobe, competing with colleagues, or internal posturing." Bingo, well stated.

You'll raise your self-esteem.

If you suffer from low self-esteem, which could lead to unhealthy habits (like eating disorders, social anxiety, or codependency), FlexJobs suggests "working in a field you love, while contributing to your family finances and achieving work-life balance with a telecommuting role," may be your ticket to building your self-esteem and improving your mental health.

10 top companies hiring for telecommuting positions now.

Now that you have a surge of motivation to make a change and improve your life, these companies -- including Apple, Walt Disney Company, Dell, and Verizon -- were recently recognized by CareerBliss as the "happiest companies to work for in 2018."

FlexJobs was curious how many offered flexible jobs, so they cross-referenced the CareerBliss list with their own database of thousands of flexible companies. They came up with the 24 "happiest" companies offering remote work with active openings right now. I am highlighting ten of them below.

1. Apple

Apple is hiring for part-time jobs with alternative schedules. Here are two open remote jobs:  

2. Adobe

A supporter of work-life balance, Adobe jobs have previously featured part-time and telecommuting flexibility. Here are current open remote jobs:  

3. American Express

American Express has offered full-time, part-time, and work-from-home job opportunities. Here are open remote jobs:  

    4. CenturyLink

    CenturyLink is a global communications company that has supported work flexibility by recruiting for part-time and telecommuting employment opportunities. Open remote jobs:  

    5. Cigna

    Cigna supports flexible work arrangements and has previously hired for full-time, telecommuting, and flexible scheduling arrangements. Open remote jobs:  

    6. Cisco

    Cisco offers telecommuting, part-time, and flexible scheduling positions. Open remote jobs:  

    7. Dell

    Dell offers multiple opportunities for flexible work, with employee work options including flextime, remote work, job sharing, part-time work, and compressed workweeks. Open remote jobs:  

    8. Intuit

    Known for personal finance software such as Quicken and TurboTax, Intuit has posted positions for part-time, temporary, freelance, and telecommuting opportunities. Open remote jobs:  

    9. Walt Disney Company

    Flexible work opportunities with the Walt Disney Company have featured part-time, freelance, seasonal, and temporary schedules. Open remote jobs:

    10. Verizon

    Verizon hires for full-time and alternative schedule telecommuting jobs. Open remote jobs: