For the past year I've been following compelling reports from FlexJobs -- the undisputable leader in the flexible job movement.

In January, FlexJobs published data that showed how working remotely will save you money -- up to $5,688 per year. 

Another study indicated that working a remote job could benefit your mental well-being, lower your stress, and make you more productive. Who knew?

If that's not convincing enough to start your search for remote work, think about this: we are in a job-seeker's market. CNBC reported this month that nearly two-thirds of U.S. employers are planning to hire full-time workers, and 45 percent of 1,000 hiring managers surveyed say they will increase starting salaries for new hires.

With job-seekers owning the market and in a position to negotiate, big firms are getting smart and offering perks like flexible work.

That's where FlexJobs comes in to open new doors for job-seekers and disrupt the traditional workforce.  

40 top companies hiring remote workers.

To help job-seekers interested in finding flexible jobs, FlexJobs has identified the top 40 companies hiring for flexible jobs during the past year, including top companies like Dell, Salesforce, and Garter (see jobs listed below).

For clarification, FlexJobs defines a "flexible job" as professional-level work that has a telecommuting, flexible schedule, part-time, or freelance component.

Note: While FlexJobs requires a reasonable subscription to view current job openings, I've included below recently listed remote jobs on the FlexJobs website that may be open now. According to their report, most jobs fall under the "Top 10 Career Categories" that include sales, computer & IT, and medical & health jobs.  

Remote jobs at Salesforce:

  • Associate labs developer evangelist
  • Account executive and senior account executive
  • Customer success architect
  • Senior data engineer
  • Field marketing executive programs, senior specialist
  • Network engineer 
  • Engagement director
  • Delivery manager
  • Developer evangelist
  • Senior consultant, technical architect
  • UI software engineer

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Remote jobs at Dell:

  • Account executive

  • Account manager

  • Assurance director

  • Systems consultant
  • Territory account executive

  • Technology service management

  • Networking sales specialist

  • Principal engineer

  • Advisor, delivery specialist

  • Senior systems engineer

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Remote jobs at Gartner:

  • Account executive and senior account executive
  • Leadership partner, applications
  • Vice president, research
  • Campus recruiter
  • Director of advanced analytics
  • Client executive
  • Client director
  • Application security expert
  • Cloud and datacenter operations thought leader
  • Business development executive
  • Research director, data security
  • Applications expert
  • SaaS and software business model expert

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