Bethenny Frankel had some unusual praise for--and reservations about--both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump this week. 

“They’ve both gotten themselves into the mud many different times. It's a weird, scary, and really disruptive election,” she told me during a lengthy video interview on Wednesday, a day after Clinton and Trump won their parties’ respective New York primaries.

Frankel, the founder of Skinnygirl and a star of Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York reality TV juggernaut, got her TV start on Martha Stewart's spinoff of The Apprentice, a show that primarily starred Trump. When I asked if she thought the Republican frontrunner could run the country, Frankel responded: “I don’t know--there’s an experience issue.”

However, she praised his candidacy for possibly increasing voter turnout: “For somebody who has never been interested in politics and maybe never voted--they’re watching. They saw him on The Apprentice, they’re watching the entertainer. And then the good news is that they might vote for the first time, they might take notice of an election.”

As for the Democratic frontrunner, Frankel urged voters to look beyond Clinton’s historic potential to become the first woman president, and said it was “a milestone” that “people aren’t really thinking of Hillary Clinton as a woman, they’re thinking about her as a candidate.”

Still, Frankel said that she’s worried about the potential fallout of an unsuccessful Clinton presidency: “If a woman makes it into the White House" and things don't go well, "when will we ever see a woman in the White House again?”

Watch all of Bethenny Frankel’s comments about this election in the clip below.