Starting a business is hard, especially when you pick the wrong office space. Set up your upstart law firm in the office equivalent of  "a funky coffeehouse with all the used couches," and before long you’re scaring off new hires and being chided by the local drug lord over your interior design choices.

The Good Wife has poked its fun at startup offices and their inconveniences in the past, but "Trust Issues" went all-in, punctuating almost every scene in the Florrick Agos set with construction noise, hanging wires and the local strip-teasing homeless dude. It made for a lot, in an episode that tried to do way too much in several stories (Jail! Murder! Campaign finance reform! Taye Diggs! ...Valerie Jarrett?).

It particularly stretched credulity that Alicia would allow that much construction to happen at the same time that she’s got most of the tech world’s A-list executives planning to drop by. Their depositions revolved around a superficial but fun gloss on the whole Silicon Valley wage-collusion class-action lawsuit, with our heroes defending the tech companies accused of colluding.

No real time this week for The Good Wife to dwell on the ethics of the case, or what it says about Cary and Alicia that they’re trying to prevent rank-and-file workers from getting better salaries at the same time that they’re about to radically increase the size of their own firm--by, yes, poaching from a larger competitor. But hopefully we’ll get there. Other thoughts:

-Diane has officially left the Lockhart Gardner building. Her last moments lingering in her (glossy, luxurious, construction-free) corner office were lovely, as was her arming herself with the Hillary Clinton photo on her way out. But wow, I wish Taye Diggs had shown up at least once before this episode, or that we knew any of the six other people he convinced to leave with Diane. Her last walk to the elevator should have been powerful and moving, but it really just felt like Christine Baranski caught a rush-hour elevator with a bunch of extras.

-That said, I’m looking forward to having Diggs on The Good Wife. As another onetime Diane protégé, his character should have some interesting tensions with Cary--especially since Cary’s always been vocal about wanting to preserve the new firm’s small-scale startup culture, and Diggs just brought a bunch of senior, established hires with him. Also, for a show that’s smart on many race-related stories, The Good Wife needs some more diversity in its main cast. (Much as I’m enjoying seeing more of Lemond Bishop: World’s Scariest Soccer Dad, I appreciate the show introducing a black main character who’s not a drug dealer or another villain.)

-Cary’s out of prison! And hugging Alicia for the first time. To quote a friend with whom I watched the season premiere: "I don’t like it when they fight."

-Alan Cumming moment of the week: I’m not in love with the show’s occasional real-world political cameos, and Valerie Jarrett got a ton of time in an overstuffed episode. Nor do I buy that she or Eli would fumble that phone call to Alicia as much as they did. But at least Eli recovered by successfully lying to Alicia, a rare feat for him recently. I do want her to decide to run for her own reasons, not because she’s manipulated into it. But one of the things this show does so well is make it hard to tell the difference.

Published on: Sep 29, 2014