Focusing on short-term goals often creates terrible long-term problems. There were some truly awful decisions being made amid crises in this week’s The Good Wife, which had a tense, dramatic, terrifically entertaining return from its winter hiatus.

Those decisions worked out well in the short-term for our characters in the appropriately-named “Hail Mary,” but set up a big cloud of looming consequences. The hands down winner of the Everyone Makes Terrible Choices Hour was Kalinda, who crossed into falsifying police evidence--and who inexplicably asked Chicago’s resident super-menacing drug kingpin for another favor. (Shouldn’t Kalinda have figured out by now that she should deputize these requests to someone who hasn’t threatened Lemond Bishop’s son???)

The police hacking ultimately worked out, for now, for Kalinda. But whether or not she eventually gets caught, Bishop doesn’t seem inclined to let her off the hook; he’s already literally calling in his favor by the episode’s end. That adds a sour aftertaste to Cary’s last-minute reprieve from jail, which seemed surreal; I half-expected that final court scene to be a dream sequence from an incarcerated Cary, Occurrence at Owl Creek-style.