Work-life balance is a crucial part of successfully running a business without burnout, but sometimes it's difficult to leave work behind and really enjoy ourselves on the weekend. There are, however, a few tricks that can make it easier to enjoy your down-time on the weekend while staying on top of your workload. Take advantage of these tips, and you'll avoid being snowed under on Monday.

Make Use of Time Management and Productivity Apps

There are a wide variety of apps and time management tools available for almost any platform, and careful scheduling during the week can make sure that things are running as smoothly as possible, making the most of your time.

It can be as simple as integrating your Google calendar and building a spreadsheet of tasks, or using a task management app with more features like Toggl or Workflow to cut down on wasted time in the day to day.

Using time management apps to keep track of projects lets you see what you and your team have left to do, and what you've spent your time on. They also allow you to better see problem areas, and optimize time spent on tasks that might otherwise spill over into your downtime. When the week's work flow is efficient, your weekends should have fewer interruptions.

Minimize Work-Related Laptop and Phone Use

For some businesses, completely shutting off your phone or laptop for the weekend simply isn't an option. There are numbers or operational issues you need to be aware of, or your team may need access to you for resolutions or guidance.

However, you can schedule time to check your inbox or business phone during the weekend and communicate those times clearly with those who need to know. If you have the option of turning things off completely, you can use a cell phone or device "jail" that blocks signal or access for predetermined periods of time. Having a set time to communicate with your business over the weekend allows you to "check-in" while still protecting the time you need to spend disconnected.

Plan Work-Related Tasks After Social or Family Activities

Prioritizing your personal relationships is an important part of a healthy work-life balance. The key to balancing this is by putting your non-business needs ahead of any work-related tasks that might need to be managed on the weekend. When you schedule your social or family events first, you've blocked out sections of your time where you will not be focused on anything else. Knowing you have a BBQ, a date night, a yoga class or a child's sports event as top priority and blocking out that time gives you a better idea of when you can fit in that brief daily rundown call or quick email response.  

By taking some time during your work week to plan and schedule your personal priorities, you can make sure that you're making the most of both the work week and your down time. Knowing you've kept up with your workload and responsibilities without stretching yourself too thin means being able to relax and enjoy your weekends. Once you've done that, you can fully decompress and can approach the coming week recharged and ready to tackle any challenge with a clear head.