Agile Marketers reach consumers faster. They hit their ideal consumer with a message that's exactly what that person needs to hear. They cut through the noise and delight customers with a solution.

In 2018, Agile Marketers are going to catch fire for a number of reasons. Everything these marketers do is a necessary component of successfully marketing and selling a product today.

And more businesses are realizing that they need Agile Marketers to connect with consumers and get their message through. In Version One's 11th Annual State of Agile Report, 98 precent of respondents said their organization found success with Agile projects. That's an astounding number. Yet only 11 percent of those respondents said that they had a high level of competency with Agile projects across the organization.

This gives business strong incentives for pursuing an Agile approach in 2018, and allows plenty of room for growth. It's the perfect environment for an Agile Marketer to thrive.

The Competition Is Stiff

Businesses are faced with an incredible amount of competition for consumers' attention. Consumers get hit with ads everywhere they look. And it's not just billboards and neon signs anymore.

We see ads on Facebook newsfeeds, on television, in-between songs when we stream music. We get hundreds of emails every week from companies that use automated mailing lists. We flip on the TV to watch a football game and see sponsors for each part of the game. The pre-game show, the post-game show, the halftime entertainment. It's all sponsored.

Everywhere we go we see brands, ads, or sponsorships. Companies need to do something different to stand out. They have to truly connect with their customers in a way that was not as necessary before. There are so many messages being directed at consumers that they've become experts in tuning them out. The messages that stick are the ones that connect with the ideal customers.

Agile Marketers can accurately identify their ideal customer's needs, and supply the message that cuts through the noise and connects. They constantly test and adapt their methods to make sure that their message is resonating. They don't worry as much about the competition because they're focused on serving their customers.

You Have to Be Relevant

Companies have randomly contacted me before to offer me their service, and my first reaction was to wonder how they got my email or number. But some of them were so on point with their understanding of who I was and what I needed, that I was actually kind of thankful they reached out. Because I needed what they offered and it was a perfect match.

When someone can accurately peg you, and they provide a sincere solution that can help you, they're going to make sales. And according to a CMG Partners study, 80 percent of CMOs surveyed said that adopting Agile helped them deliver a product that was both better (and more relevant) to their customer.

We Have New Technology at Our Disposal

Technology gives us tremendous opportunities to reach people in new ways. As Agile Marketers, we can find people that have a true need or problem we can solve, and we can reach them faster.

Our ability to target the ideal customer is better than ever. We have accurate, real-time information at our disposal. We can easily place an ad online, use Facebook Manager on the backend, and select a target audience.

Where do they hang out? What are their interests? What books do they read? What shows do they watch? If you're targeting entrepreneurs, you look for people who watch Shark Tank and The Profit, or buy books on starting their own business.

Every time someone hits a 'like' button, they make an action that is trackable online. Agile Marketers can advertise more accurately than ever before with that information. 

You Have to Shift Gears Quickly

Agile is about being flexible and productive with your operations. It's about reacting quickly to changes in the market. It's about making decisions that are fast, but data-driven.

In that same CMG Partners study, 93 percent of CMOs said that adopting Agile had helped them switch gears more quickly and effectively than before. That ability to adjust and pivot is critical in an age where decisions are driven by testing and data collection. 

When we do split testing, for example, we ask, "Who truly needs this product?" What are the problems they need solved? How can we add value with our solution and get them to connect with that?

We can't just turn on a campaign, let it run for months, and expect it to be effective. We have to test, be iterative, and work to find the right message.

An Agile Marketer thrives in that environment, and that's exactly what we're going to see happen in 2018.