Every organization wants to maximize revenue generation and constantly develop new ways to impact their specific market. They can't do it without employees and leaders that are coachable: open to learning, feedback, reflection, and accountability. 

If you've wondered how coaching can help you, here are 4 ways it can set you up for success. The most important predictor of coaching success is always the mindset of the person being coached. The more open you are, the greater the impact. 

  1. Coaching Reinforces Company Vision and Mission
    When an employee is open to coaching, they are open to seeing the connection between their specific responsibilities and the company vision. Every company has a vision and mission that they are trying to achieve, but bringing all employees to the same level of understanding of this vision and mission can be difficult.  Continuous reinforcement of how employees are connected to these core identity elements facilitates their execution.

  2. Coaching Helps Promote Accountability. 
    Accountability is a linchpin of organizational success.  A great way to instill a sense of accountability in employees comes from proper coaching between management and employees. If employees feel personally responsible for the success of a company, and they know that they will be tasked with providing regular progress updates on how they are helping the company to succeed, they will be motivated to go above and beyond .

  3. Coaching Sets the Employee Up for Success in their Current Position.
    A strong coaching program that cascades through multiple organizational levels ensures that employees throughout the company are receiving timely feedback, and are well-positioned to move ahead. Employees across the organization get consumed with working "in" the business rather than "on" the business. Proactive, strategic coaching gives employees the opportunities to pause, reflect on what's working and not working, and put action plans in place to tackle challenges or move out on strategic initiatives. 

    In one of Successful Culture's client organizations, we're coaching a C-level executive who is functioning more like a manager. We are working with them to help them re-define their boundaries with employees, move away from a task-centric mindset, delegate more to others, and identify 4-6 strategic initiatives for 2018. 


  4. Coaching Prepares Them for Future Positions and Instills Confidence in the Leadership Team to Move Them Up.
    One of the most telling signs that an employee is ready for a promotion is their ability to hear and apply feedback, and their willingness to learn new skills/knowledge.

    Promotions often move people into completely different roles, rather than a more expanded role of their current job.  Before taking a promotion, employees must seriously consider if they are willing to embrace all of the changes that come along with a promotion. It's possible that everything about their current work experience will change if they move up.

    Coaching can help an employee clearly understand and prepare for the changes employees will face in new positions, and make an informed decision on whether to move. 

You may be very happy in your current position, but do you want to indefinitely stay where you are?  If not, it may be time to examine your own coachability, and let your company leaders know you are ready to grow.