I came off of a few tough weeks at work. In part, that's why you've heard less from me recently. I had some good days and bad days, like most of you. I had a very big negative surprise, which I've mostly worked through, but will take time. And I've had some good moments, too, for sure.

But through all of this I'm always reminded that in tough times some people pull up their socks and help get the job done while others turn to being critics: Even some who don't actually take risks or accomplish things love to opine. And at just the right moment, when my head was about to explode, Twitter came to the rescue:

Or I guess, more appropriately, Ricky Gervais came to the rescue with his Tweet. I stepped back and realized how true that was. I took a moment to feel better about some of the things I've accomplished and my goals for 2016 vs. being too off put by the critics lest they win. It made me reflect on what is important to me in work environments and teams and I thought:


Doers: Those more inclined to pick up spreadsheets, code, marketing docs, product designs or even the telephone or hop on a plane to solve a problem vs somebody who tells you all the things wrong with the world.

Triers: People who don't know if they have the right skills or knowledge but if asked are willing to help in any way possible. They are the people with can-do attitudes.

Chancers: These are people who don't mind failure. They are willing to take a project that might seem hard or put themselves on stage even though they might sound stupid or to make a hard investment decision even if they may be criticized or wrong. They are willing to take a chance. Better to try and fail than to never try at all.

Supporters: Not everybody has the time, inclination or skills to help. But there are always those people who listen and are willing to be helpful as supporting cast members in a journey in any way you ask them to. Everybody needs supporters.

Empathizers: I like to work with people who are high on empathy. They are looking to help others and understand when you're down. They lend an ear at the right time and even sometimes a hug. The understand the journey is hard and they have high enough EQ to know how to help and be available. They are the humans.

Laughers: If you can't have fun what's the point. I like working with people who don't want to separate business and personal. I want to work with more people who understand that there's no point in hitting goals if you have no fun along the way. I want to be around people with a sense of humor.

Company culture matters such a great deal. As you build out your teams, be very thoughtful about team dynamics and culture. It matters a great deal. And I would strongly advise you to bring on more doers, believers and positive people.

This post originally appeared on bothsidesofthetable.com.