My on-the-go clients list travel amongst their top three all time stressors. What about you? To take a bit of stress out of your travels, I asked my crowd what their favorite apps are when they're on the road. These apps made the final cut.

1. AllSubway

For you subway riders out there, this app offers route maps of major subway systems for 171 cities around the world, on six continents. If you do a lot of traveling and prefer traveling around the city with the locals, AllSubway is the app to keep with you. Just choose your city, and zoom in to plan your route.

Platform: iOS
Price: 99 cents

2. Expensify

When you travel for business, you're collecting receipts, tracking mileage, and trying to remember every tip you gave so that you can accurately report expenses. It's so easy to lose a slip of paper, get stuck with a taxi driver who doesn't carry a receipt book, or forget an expense. Expensify offers a simple scanning system for receipts, a mileage tracker that you can update on the go, and a place to note every cash expense. You can even keep track of billable hours with this app. Then, with a touch of a button, Expensify creates your expense report for you.

Platforms: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone
Price: $5, $9 and custom pricing for Enterprise

3. GateGuru

This app will keep you posted in real-time on any updates to your itinerary such as security wait times, flight delays, gate changes, and layover time adjustments.

It contains a wealth of airport information while immediately showing you a visual representation of the airport. From the AirportCard, you can quickly access amenity information, maps, weather forecasts, airport tips, and much more. And if you're competitive you can even compare yourself to other GateGuru High Flyers and see where you rank!

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Price: Free

4. Hotel Tonight

Busy executives and entrepreneurs need to be ready to travel at the drop of a hat. Don't worry about finding a hotel before you run out the door. Simply choose between Basic, Solid, Hip, or Luxe choices on Hotel Tonight, peruse the photo-driven choices, and book your room with three taps and a few minutes. They offer great last-minute savings too.

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Price: Free

5. Hotelied

Want to get rewarded for the social media marketing that you create for hotels? At Hotelied consumers build profiles that add up to a "travel persona"-- social followings, professional credentials, and hotel-loyalty programs are all accounted for. By leveraging that data to participating hotels, Hotelied is able to offer travelers special rates and enviable perks.

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Price: Free

6. iTranslate

Order a pepperoni pizza in Italy and you may be disappointed when it's covered in bell peppers instead of the spicy sausage you're familiar with.

If your next trip takes you outside of the country, you'll avoid embarrassing translation errors when you break down language barriers with iTranslate. Text to speak over 80 languages.

Platforms: Android, iOS, OSX, and Windows
Price: Free

7. Presence

Keep track of what's going on back at home from your hotel room across the world. The Presence app eliminates the need for expensive video surveillance systems by using a spare Smartphone or tablet. Plug in your device before you leave, point it at whatever you'd like to monitor, add the Presence app to the device you're taking with you, turn it on, and gain peace of mind in knowing all is well back home. It will send you notifications if something unusual is going on, and you can even control your home's energy utilities.

Platforms: iOS and Android devices
Price: Free
Upgrade to Presence Pro Video: Yearly subscription-$49.99, Monthly-$4.99, or a 7-day pass -$1.99

8. Stay Well and Stay Well Home Apps

These apps will keep you on a schedule of wellness-sustaining activities including proper nutrition, exercise, and rest. A full suite of trackers for activity, healthy eating, hydration, and tips from the Cleveland Clinic will help you to stay energized and even suggest the best time for a walk to boost your vitamin D! The Jet Lag Tool will help you acclimate to time changes by issuing daily reminders to set schedules and realign sleep/wake patterns.

Platforms: Android, iOS, OSX, and Windows
Price: Free

9. TripIt

Keep your entire travel itinerary in one convenient place. Flight schedules, hotel bookings, and meeting information--this app organizes all your information in a TripIt account. How easy is that? Also a great way to share itineraries and keep track of your team, friends, family members, and the boss too!

Upgrade to TripIt Pro for real-time alerts for every flight you take. The app will find the best seats available, find alternate flights, and track points. It will even let you know when you're eligible for a refund!

Platforms: Any SmartPhone that can access a browser
Price: Free or upgrade to TripIt Pro--$49 annual subscription

10. Uber

Don't leave your local travel to chance; hire a private car with Uber.

Track the arrival time of your car on your phone, be welcomed by a professional driver, take a comfortable seat, and let the Uber app take care of payment. No more confusion on your expense reports when you travel with a co-worker; let Uber split your fare for easy documentation.

Platforms: Android, iOS, OSX, and Windows
Price: Free

11. WeatherPro

It's been said that the U.K. can have all four seasons of weather in a single day. Always be prepared for what's ahead in unfamiliar climates so you don't show up at your client's door dripping wet or shivering from the cold. WeatherPro gives you a good overview of the weather situation in each of your destinations.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry
Price: from $0.99

12. XE Currency

One of the biggest challenges to navigating in foreign lands is remembering how the local money works. The XE Currency app provides real-time currency conversion updates for over 180 currencies. If you're out shopping or paying business expenses, use the handy currency calculator to figure out what you're paying in your own currency.

Platforms: iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, and Firefox OS devices.
Price: Free up to 35 currencies.

Have you got a favorite app for travel? Add it to the list in the comments section below!