This morning one of my dearest friends appeared on the Today Show to discuss the growing influence of Digital Moms on large brand marketing. National Television, wow! Can I say, "I knew her when?" Wendy Piersall is an online publisher and social media marketing authority who works with major brands to develop on-line marketing campaigns. She is also one of the most giving, passionate, and friendly people you could ever hope to meet. You don't have to take my word for it, just check her out on Twitter; @emom has influenced and been influenced by a brilliant community and social circle compared to none.

The reason I bring this story to is because I believe Wendy, her accomplishments, and her appearance on national television, is an inspiration to all small business owners around the world. She began her business, like so many of us, with little more to invest than a growing passion. Her blog was born from a desire to be home with her children and to create a community where moms could express themselves, learn from one another, and feel connected to the outside world. It grew into, where moms, dads, and business owners alike are all welcome, inspired, and informed. Since Wendy began blogging before the average person even knew what the word meant, she is considered a pioneer in the field. Today she was able to do what so many of us hope to achieve in our lifetime, touch and inspire people to grow.

How does your business touch others? What footprint will you and your brand leave on our global community? If you sell widgets how do they touch and improve the lives of your customers? If you sell a service, what is it that your clients will learn and pass on to others? If you publish a blog, what ideas or knowledge do you share that will empower your readers to ultimately achieve their goals? Are you creating a snowball effect with your business? The world of social media has given all business owners an equal opportunity to create a snowball effect and have an impact on global community. It is truly amazing and has given a life-saving boost to many small business's.

So keep on plugging at that dream. Entrepreneurs around the world have many things in common, and certainly the dream, passion, and a desire to create their own destiny is among them. The dream, like Wendy's, often begins with a laptop, a kitchen table, and a spark that can no longer be ignored. And there are days, weeks, months, even years of doubt that may follow. Having a vision, and having faith in yourself to bring the vision to fruition, will keep the spark growing. If you envision yourself speaking out to viewers nationwide on the Today Show, keep that vision in your minds eye. It can happen, just as it did for Wendy Piersall.