In this series of successful home-based business models, I will continue to feature a number of brilliant solopreneurs who have chosen to step into their passion as a means to make a good living. I have some wonderful examples to share with you but I would love to hear your stories too. Do you know a small business owner who is helping others, living their dream, and making a nice profit? Tell me their story. While not every, single one can be featured; I would love to know about them!

Our next featured guest is Deb Villarese of Bella Well LifeStyles. Please notice how Deb has centered her business around her passion for natural health and wellness while minimizing the negative impact on our environment. This is Deb's global concern, along with showing others how they can empower themselves to earn a great living and live the way they most want to live.

Deb chose this business model as an answer to a number of problems: She wanted to be at home with her children and, as a seamstress; her income level was limited to how many items she could sew. Deb was savvy enough to seek a company that would provide a residual income with no limit to her earning potential. But what really intrigued Deb was the element of support that she could offer to others. "When I saw how I could change the life and health of those open to what I had to share with them, I realized that this business satisfied my desire to help people in so many dimensions. It has now been 28 years and I still love what I do," says Deb.

Deb believes that in order to be successful it is most important to help others become successful. "I like to think of my business as both product and service. If asked what my best product would be, I would have to say the "service" aspect of the business. It allows me to teach, train, coach, support, encourage, and empower others to own and operate their own business. The more people I help, the better I feel. It is the American Free Enterprise system at it's finest. I can offer a person, who is interested in earning a career income an opportunity to be their own boss, make their own hours, earn as much as they want with an investment as low as $300."

But Deb knows that the service aspect of her wellness business isn't anything without the product. Her company markets an elite line of unique, natural safe, effective, products for both home and health with a track record of over 53 years. "Our founder created one of the first multi-vitamin/multi minerals in 1915 and we have continued to pioneer products that are naturally safe and proven effective," says Deb. When Deb discovered the Shaklee organization she knew it was a fit. "We have several different targeted audiences. People who are interested in the environment, and more specifically safe, green cleaners, as well as health and wellness advocates, baby boomers who are retired but not ready to stop contributing to society and interested in supplementing their fixed income, and people interested in adding years to their life and life to their years." This far-reaching marketing direction addresses nearly every passion, concern, and interest that strikes a passion in Deb.

I asked Deb about the most personally satisfying part of her business and she lit up in response: "The most fun part of my business is watching the transformation and personal growth of the people who allow me to guide, teach and train. There is just something about seeing a person's self-worth, determination and self confidence come out."

It took Deb only 15 months to meet her initial monetary goals: "The first 9 months, I made more part time that I did working full time as a seamstress/tailor," she exclaimed. "The next 6 months brought me up to the level that I always wanted to make and most likely wouldn't have ever made in my current trade."

But her business doesn't seem to keep her busy enough. In her "spare" time Deb runs a Leads Group which she started almost 12 years ago and it's still going strong. She contributes time to local charities, and maintains a networking database that people would pay dearly for! Deb also sites the Internet, email campaigns, webinars, blogs, and of course, word of mouth referrals as her most widely-used marketing tools.

Wow! A definite success story here! Send me your success story!