The successful home-based business models series continues with yet another amazing solopreneur. Who do you want to nominate as our next featured solopreneur? Contact me with your ideas!

When Rebekah Rotstein graduated college she intended to attend physical therapy school. It probably surprised her as much as anyone when she ended up instead as a corporate marketing manager! But her interest in sports medicine, combined with an impressive recovery
from ballet injuries as a young adult, prompted Rebekah to make a career change into teaching Pilates. Soon after, Rebekah founded Incorporating Movement, a unique business that offers Pilates instruction, post-rehabilitation, and movement education.

"I have combined my love for movement and injury treatment with my enjoyment of marketing, which has been very useful in running my own business," says this savvy entrepreneur. But Rebekah didn't stop there. When this young entrepreneur was diagnosed with osteoporosis, she began a new path of extensively researching and studying bone health so she could leverage this knowledge and experience to educate others. With her new-found expertise in bone health Rebekah designed the Pilates for Buff Bones'„¢ workout to fill the void of safe bone strengthening that she sites as "typically absent" within the traditional Pilates mat class framework.

Rebekah's unique and thriving business, answers to many of her passions. For her, the satisfaction of helping people feel better and overcome or avoid pain and injury is especially important. But there is also her love of higher level, conceptual teaching and Incorporating Movement allows her to teach workshops and speak at corporations and events around the world. This fulfills not just her educational calling, but her love of travel as well.

When I asked Rebekah if there a specific mission or passion that drives her business, she said, "My desire is to help people to feel better and to prevent injury and disease through informed movement. I want people to connect deeper with their bodies and increase awareness and sensation of movement." I enjoyed Rebekah's simple reminder when she added, "Our western culture is inundated with sensory overload leading us to shut out internal experiences. We don't take the time to actually feel things like the exhilarating sensation of a full deep inhalation, or the proper motion of the hip joint which can alleviate back discomfort. Such movement experiences can be simultaneously joyous and calming and let us feel alive."

It took Rebekah about one year to reach her initial financial goals and when asked what she loves most about running her own business she immediately replied, "The Freedom!" Rebekah loves the opportunity to create her own schedule and to promote something that she believes in.

Currently Rebekah cites her web site, networking, referrals, and her newsletter as her top marketing resources. However, Pilates for Buff Bones'„¢ is beginning to receive quite a bit of media attention - so I suspect that her marketing resources may soon take on a new shape - just like many of her clients!