About 6 months ago I decided it was time to start an internet radio show. I thought it would be a fun way to reach people with information on attracting positive change and to share stories about people who inspire others to achieve their dreams. I was excited about the idea, but found myself in a "stuck" place as the excuses began to pile up. How would I attract listeners, who would I interview, blah, blah, blah. The idea got relegated to the back burner where it simmered at temperatures just hot enough to create that burning feeling of guilt over setting a worthy goal and not exploring it further.

Guilt, like other negative emotions, has a way of lowering one's energy so I knew I had to do something about this idea; either let it go or take action. As I reviewed my 2010 "What Am I Going to Change" list I decided to put the internet radio show idea onto my vision board and let the Universe take care of it. I know, that may sound like inaction, but for me it's a way of creating action.

Well, it didn't take long. Weeks later, as a result of being a guest on Toginet's Paying It Forward with Josephine Geraci, I was invited to create my own show for this successful radio network! Josephine and I had so much fun on her wonderful show that they wanted to do a spin-off on our conversation. Thank you vision board and thank you Josephine!

Since then, I've put out some queries for individuals who have achieved amazing things in life and credit positive thought, law of attraction, and other metaphysical/spiritual practices for their success. Wow! What heart-warming, inspirational stories are out there! But what I love most is how these people are, as Josephine says, paying it forward, by inspiring and teaching others to achieve success, wellness, and happiness as well.

So, I'd like to share with you that "The Million Dollar Mindset" will launch on Toginet next Monday, January 18 at 1pm CT, 2pm ET. Together with my guests I will share insights, tips and stories about unlocking the secrets to creating business success and a happier, more balanced life through abundant thinking and attraction power. This is an extension of this blog space, which I love! I hope you will join me there as well.

What wonderful changes will you attract into your life in 2010? Create forward momentum by sharing them here. Who knows? You may be my next guest on "The Million Dollar Mindset"!

NOTE: If you or someone you know has an inspiring story or mission to share please send their information to me at Marla@MarlaTabaka.com!