Before you begin your list of New Year's resolutions, take a look at last year's list. Were you disappointed with the results before January came to an end? If so, you're doing it all wrong. There's one important step you must take before you can expect change to occur.

Unhealthy thought and behavior patterns are to progress what water is to fire. New Year's resolutions simply don't work until you let go of the old ways of thinking that prevent you from bringing in the new. So try something different this year to strengthen your resolve. These old patterns will only hold you back; let go of them and you'll see real changes in 2015!

1. Let go of the lies you tell yourself.

I can't do this. I'm alone in this. No one knows a good idea when they see it. Things just never work out my way. Be careful what you ask for. If you hold onto limited thinking like this, your mind will fit it all nicely into your reality. As these thoughts appear, ask yourself, "Is this really true?" Stay grounded in the truth and the stories you tell yourself will become more uplifting and positive.

2. Let go of avoidance.

If you're avoiding the truth, you're probably avoiding other things as well. Things rarely get better all on their own. Create a plan and face the things you need to face. You'll ask yourself why you didn't do it sooner.

3. Let go of anger.

Holding onto anger only perpetuates negativity. It can affect not only your mood, but your health, creativity, and relationships as well. It's time to process your feelings and resolve these issues, past and present.

4. Let go of poor business practices.

If it doesn't work, fix it or get rid of it altogether. Stop pretending things will change.

5. Let go of self-criticism.

People make mistakes. People fail. You are human. Think of all the time and energy you'll save if you stop beating yourself up and instead focus on the lessons you've learned and just move forward.

6. Let go of unhealthy relationships.

Are there people in your life who consistently drain your energy? Evaluate these relationships and either spend less time with these toxic people or let go of the relationship altogether. Save your energy for what's important.

7. Let go of anxious thinking.

There's a difference between seeing the big picture and being well prepared and worrying about every possible problem before it exists. Take calculated risks and focus your energy on preparedness, not anxiety-provoking worry.

8. Let go of thoughts of superiority.

Remember, although you've worked hard to get where you are today you had a little help in getting there. Don't assume that everyone has enjoyed the same opportunities and benefits that you have. Get out of your ego and ask others to share their stories; you may be pleasantly surprised at what's under the cover of that book.

9. Let go of laziness.

Outrageously successful people take care of themselves, help others, and engage in practices that create and maintain a healthy mindset. Have you been making excuses? It's time to put them aside and be truthful with yourself.

10. Let go of the belief that there isn't enough time.

This the first excuse out of a busy entrepreneur's mouth. If you don't have the time to take care of yourself, if you don't invest in important relationships, and if you don't take the steps that are most critical to the growth of your business, then you are busy doing the wrong things.

11. Let go of the belief that anyone can do it.

When you have a gift, it's common to believe that anyone can do what you're doing--that it's easy. Stop diminishing your abilities, and be thankful for them instead. Appreciate yourself more!

12. Let go of procrastination. Really.

If you often get caught up in menial chores or allow yourself to get sidetracked, there's a deeper issue going on. Get help to understand what it is and stop applying bandages to it with productivity programs that don't work for you.

13. Let go of thinking someone's going to rescue you.

Entrepreneurs often take on partners and hire experts because they think other people have all the answers. You already have most of the answers and just need a little help accessing them. Before taking drastic, costly measures, find a mentor or coach who can help you be the best you can be.

14. Let go of thoughts of lacking.

If you believe you don't have enough money or support, you probably never will. Beautiful things have been born out of necessity, so take this opportunity to be resourceful and creative. Think abundantly!

15. Let go of the words "I can't."

The things you feed your subconscious mind will almost always come true. Instead of I can't, try I can, and I am figuring out exactly how.

16. Let go of putting everyone else ahead of you.

Some people believe it's selfish to put themselves first. In most cases, that's just not true. Stop sacrificing to the point of self-neglect and take care of your own needs first. Only then can you truly show up in the lives of others in a way that has a positive and healthy impact on all concerned.

17. Let go of waiting for perfection.

Do your best and let it fire. Too many entrepreneurs waste time and money struggling for perfection only to find that it doesn't exist. What are you really afraid of?

18. Let go of putting your brain before your intuition.

If you have a gut feeling, you're better off following that than relying on logic. Your subconscious mind knows things that your brain never will.

19. Let go of trying to impress people with your knowledge.

Your highly technical vocabulary is boring others to tears. Don't make people, especially your customers, work hard to know what you do--they won't bother. Keep it simple and make it fun!

20. Let go of expecting something in return.

If you are going to help someone, do it because you want to, not because you hope for something in return. Reciprocity exists, but not always in the way you expect.

21. Let go of waiting for the right time.

There will be times when you don't have the perfect plan and that's OK. Sometimes you just have to trust and be willing to learn from every experience. Understand the difference between strategy and fear of the outcome.

22. Let go of the sloppy look.

Working from home can easily reduce the wardrobe to sweats and PJs. Like it or not, the way you look (even when you're alone) has an impact on your energy. A daily shower and decent clothing add to feelings of accomplishment and success.

23. Let go of thinking you need things that you don't.

Does the new office need furniture right out of the box or will used do the trick? If you're tempted to pull out the checkbook, first ask if your purchase will have an impact on the bottom line.

24. Let go of believing that happiness is anywhere but within you.

No one can make you feel anything, including happiness. You choose your feelings and thus you choose whether to be miserable or happy. Look deeper, not farther.

25. Let go of the snarky remarks.

Say what's on your mind rather than camouflage it in sarcasm. Choose your words carefully and tell the truth. People will respect you for it.

Your turn. Do you recognize something you need to let go of before you move into 2015?