Rich Dad said, "Employees dread the workweek and live for the weekend. Their world is made up of two spheres, work and play. The rich don't know the difference. Their work is their play because they're passionate about what they do."

For me, Rich Dad's words ring truer than true. Nothing strikes the deepest chords of my heart more than helping others broaden their perspective, make the healthiest choices available to them, and find the financial freedom that every entrepreneur craves. It's my passion, and it also happens to be the vehicle that made it possible for me to raise my children on a single income as a young widow. My passion is the fuel that feeds my dreams.

Do you keep your passion and vision front and center at all times? Are you able to say that you love what you do? If not, I'd like to inspire you to turn to your passion to identify your next steps to freedom. There is no greater compass. Here's why.

1. Passion is the fuel that feeds your dreams.

I can't even begin to count the times I might have given up if I didn't have such incredible passion for my work and the people I help. I've turned to that passion as a motivating force during those years when finances ran lean, when I doubted my skills and abilities, and when exhaustion was the only energy level I knew. Today, my "why," or as I call it, my Vision Beyond the Vision, is what takes me to new levels of creativity and clarity so that I help people in greater numbers.

If you don't have a clearly identified "why," it's time to find it. It will take some soul searching so I suggest you work with a coach or mentor during this process. If you attempt it alone you may not dig deep enough.

2. Passion is infectious.

When a client comes into our meeting feeling discouraged, even frightened, I will always find the upside. They will learn, shift perspective, and see the opportunity in their situation. That's because I believe in them and I'm passionate about their success.

Don't be shy about sharing your passion with others. Some won't understand it, but others will be attracted to you like a magnet. These are the moments that make magic.

3. Passion pushes you to learn and excel.

Are there certain subjects that you can never know enough about? For me, with the mere mention of words like startup, small business, self-doubt, or growing business, I light up. It's as though someone has pushed an "on" button in my heart and head. I just can't help myself, I need to know more!

An extraordinary leader never stops learning and inquiring, and it's passion and never-ending curiosity that creates this thirst to learn. You are never too busy to set aside time to read, work with your mentors and coaches, and continue your education in some way. Commit yourself to constant learning and growth; it will strengthen your odds of success exponentially.

4. Passion makes work fun, even when it's not.

Growing a business is hard work and there will be times when you feel overwhelmed by the next steps. When I come across these stressful times I turn to my playful side--I stop taking myself so seriously. This is not intended to make light of the situation. It simply takes the pressure off so that my creative side will shine through to find the solutions.

When you're working on a project or seeking a solution, break out the crayons--not the 12-pack but the 120-pack! Find a way to make your challenge fun and less stressful. I recall the first time I had to create a series of videos, boy was I nervous. So I called in my friends, cracked open a bottle of good wine, and played with the camera, the lighting, and my on-camera persona. Breaking the ice in this way diminished my fears and allowed me to gain clarity on my message and approach.

5. Passion is the foundation for extraordinary success.

I've met a lot of extremely successful people, and every one of them is fueled by passion. That is what makes entrepreneurial leaders so magnetic and unique. Ideas and dreams come and go, but if you stay attuned to your passion, it will bring that seed of a good idea to a brilliant, full bloom.

I welcome the opportunity to help you explore your vision and passion. Drop by for a consultation, it's on me!