Today I invited one of my fellow Her Insight Radio Network hosts, Britt Michaelian, to share some of her wonderful insights for solopreneurs. Britt specializes in working with moms who are looking to start a passion-based lifestyle business and provides important reminders about staying in integrity with your top values in life AND business. Here are Britt's 5 tips to increase clarity and confidence, and ultimately the bottom line!

1.  Make sure that your personal values are reflected in your branding, team management and business systems.  Know what your top 5 values are and use them as a tool to measure whether or not your business is on track.  For instance, if connection or relationship are two of your top personal values,
you want your customers and your team members to feel this from your messaging and from your interaction.  Connection as a value may look like personal notes written to your clients and team or it may mean personal check-in phone calls.  Whatever your values are, if they are not accurately
represented in your business, you may not be attracting clients that match your vision.

2.  Keep tabs on your personal goals and make sure that the business you create allows you to achieve them.  Write down your personal short, mid and long terms goals and create task lists to achieve them.  Then, check in at least once a month to see if you need to make adjustments or if you are closer than you think to that trip to the Hawaiian Islands. Your business is a big part of your life and knowing that you are on track to achieve both personal and professional success allows you to enjoy the journey.

3.  Put your spy cap on and start looking for the gaps in your systems. Businesses can seem like they are running themselves if we don't take control of every aspect of them.  From client attraction and engagement to client services and client retention, entrepreneurs must think of the experience they want their customers and team members to feel and create every detail according to those top 5 personal values.  This can seem overwhelming, but once you put your systems in place, you will be able to see with absolute clarity when and where they fail so you can make corrections and get back on track.

4.  Manage your team with care and respect and they will watch your back. Putting simple systems in place that ensure a healthy level of communication, support and community will relieve pressure on you and make everyone else feel empowered.  Create a schedule with weekly team phone meetings, action item progress reports, monthly team feedback and personally written thank you and you will have a happy team.  Remember that when you build a team that shares your values and vision and empower them to utilize their greatest skills talents, you create fertile ground for success for everyone involved.

5. On a weekly basis, make a commitment to tap into what inspires you!  The most successful entrepreneurs are extremely disciplined, but what they include in their rigorous schedules is a fountain of creativity.  Whether meditation, exercise, nature, art or reading are your thing... pay attention
to what inspires you and start injecting it into your routine.  Make a list of 5 things that inspire you and make room for them in your calendar.  It's as simple as that.  By regularly seeking out that which inspires you, your level of pure life enjoyment and creativity will go through the roof while your level of stress and overwhelm will trickle away. 

Britt Michaelian, MA is an exhibiting artist, award-winning filmmaker,bestselling author, entrepreneur, business coach and mother of three. Specializing in working with moms who are looking to start a passion-based lifestyle business, Britt has created a revolutionary 12-week start up program that walks moms through the basics of launching and running a business while raising a family.  Sign up for her monthly Smart Business Start Up Q&A teleseminar and the Work Smart Mompreneurs ezine!