What is your personal style; your attitude about life and business and how you project it to the world? How do people respond when you walk into a room? Does your energy portray optimism and hope, doom and gloom, or somewhere in between? Do you see yourself (and your business) as a victim of circumstances or do you shape and mold your business and your attitude into a vessel that will thrive in any storm?
Each time we go to a party or event we have the opportunity to experience the energy of others and to project our own. There are people we're drawn to and there are those whose attitude and energy may prompt us to leave the party early. What is it about their beliefs, attitude and actions that create the difference? Why do those with the more positive energy usually exude success?

Although our thoughts and beliefs are internal, they create our external energy as well. We are like magnets, drawn to those who are like-minded and those who demonstrate something in their energy that we aspire to.

So, how can a positive attitude parlay itself into business success? Because, as Buddha said, 'As we think, so we become'. Your thoughts dictate much of life's outcome.

Hopefully, you will see my list of mindset questions as examples of a Million Dollar Mindset. Are you going into 2011 full strength ahead as a success-minded solopreneur?  Answer these true/false questions to find out if you've got ATTITUDE!

1. When I think about my vision I feel confident and eager to achieve it. Sometimes it feels like it has already come to fruition!
2. I have a clear picture of the steps I will take to achieve my vision and have confidence that I will learn from and conquer any barriers that may come into the picture.
3. I'm aware of my weaknesses but also know how to leverage my greatest strengths.
4. I have the ability to adjust my plan with optimism when unexpected events come into the picture.
5. When I speak with others I project a positive, excited and confident attitude.
6. I am able to listen to the dreams and hopes of another without interrupting them with my own thoughts.
7. I can accept the need for change in a calm, positive manner.
8. When people disagree with me I allow them their opinion and listen and speak calmly, rather than trying to force my perspective on them.
9. I refrain from judging others.
10. I can convert my fearful thoughts into motivating energy and belief in myself.
11. I consider all possible outcomes and perspectives when I create and implement my plans.
12. I make sure to spend time in the activities (outside of work) that are most important to me.
13. I take good care of myself by eating well, exercising and enjoying lots of laughter!
14. I am able to still my mind and connect with whatever higher power I believe in on a daily basis.
15. I am aware of my values and honor them when I make my plans and decisions.
16. I surround myself with people who support and encourage my success.
17. I take time to contribute to the success of others.
18. When I have an 'off day' I am able to accept myself anyway and know that I have the power to change how I feel.
19. I am realistic in my outlook, but willing to step outside of my 'comfort zone' to take some risk.
20. I surround myself with resources and helpful people rather than keeping everything to myself and trying to do it all alone.

If you answered 'true' to at least 15 of these questions, you've got great 'attitude'!  If you are at 100% you have a Million Dollar Mindset – welcome to the club! If your attitude isn't all that positive yet you might consider making room in your plan, and budget, for some workshops, reading materials and other support resources that will teach you how to change. You can do it, and you will be thrilled that you did!